Cover Reveal: The Reaping by K. Makansi

The Reaping


Title: The Reaping 
Series: The Seeds Trilogy #2
Author: K. Makansi 
Publication date: October 15th, 2014 
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult



Remy Alexander wants justice. After narrowly escaping
death at the hands of the Sector only to watch her world
burn around her, she will defy everyone to find her revenge.

Valerian Orlean wants truth. After learning what evils the
Sector is truly capable of, he must confront his past
in order to create a better future.

In a world where deadly secrets lurk around every corner, and the
food you eat can enlighten or enslave you, Remy and Vale must
walk the line between hope and hate, love and loss, violence and
vengeance, in order to unite – or destroy – their world.



About the Authors


K. MakansiK. Makansi is the pen name for the writing triumvirate consisting of Amira, Elena, and Kristina Makansi. Two sisters and their mother, the three women developed a passionate interest in science fiction as a way to write about issues of food sovereignty and food justice. Elena is pursuing a degree in environmental studies atOberlin College in Ohio, and will graduate in May of 2014. Amira was a history student at the University of Chicago whose day job working in the cellar of awinery (and constantly being splatteredwith wine) keeps her busy when she’s not writing. And Kristy owns and operates Blank Slate Press, an independent publishing company based out of St. Louis, and is a partner at Treehouse Publishing Group, a company providing editorial and design services to aspiring authors. When not writing or reading, the three can be found having animated discussions around the dinner table, sharing a good bottle of wine, or taking long walks in the park eagerly plotting out their next book.
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