Book Review: Thunder Peak by Trae Stratton @StrattonTrae

Thunder Peak
Tamm Chronicles, Book 1
Trae Stratton
Trae Stratton, August 2021
ISBN 979-8555928115
Trade Paperback

Casey heard spooky stories, speculations, of life in the shadow of Thunder Peak. She felt the strangeness in Storm Town’s atmosphere. And, of course, Jonas had been hinting at it her entire life. Urging her to come to him if she sees something…unusual.

What she just witnessed was not “unusual”. It was beyond bizarre.

Or, perhaps a herd of phantom horses was precisely what Jonas meant.

The time has come for Casey to hear the true story of her birth. More a narrative of what she is, rather than who, it helps Casey understand those around her better. The shell warrior, Taliko, is not an old friend of her father’s…at least, not exactly.

Portals between Earther and a whole other realm are fact, not fiction. The Tyndryn Trailway is the most treasured resource of the aril and they are prepared to use all of their magic to ensure that humans are never able to activate these doorways. Thus, putting Casey into a predicament.

Starfall, the steed that saved her, now needs her help to get home. Anxious to assist the colt in time, Casey must figure out how to access the transportation system. Then, how to allow Starfall through, but keep the malicious magic out.

Thunder Peak: Tamm Chronicles is an immediately engaging Young Adult fantasy-adventure. While the worlds within encourage imagination, even the nonhuman characters display realistic flaws and opportunities for self-improvement and growth. I thought these characters clicked and their story was stellar.

Of course, I cannot wait to introduce this treasure to “my” students.

This review was written by jv poore for Buried Under Books,
with a huge “Thank You!” to the author for donating
ARCs to my favorite classroom libraries.

Reviewed by jv poore, June 2021.

Book Reviews: The Third Eye by Andrew Seewald and Jacqueline Seewald and The Devil Laughed by Gerrie Ferris Finger

The Third EyeThe Third Eye
A Pine Barrens Mystery
Andrew Seewald and Jacqueline Seewald
Five Star, September 2013
ISBN 978-1-4328-2698-7

I read this book in two sittings, which should let you know that I enjoyed it a bunch.  I use to think this type of book wasn’t “what I read,” but now I’ve determined I read pretty much everything.  The concept, dialogue, and storytelling in The Third Eye are fun and fast paced. The main characters, “Jim,” “Raven,” and “Ariel” are well thought out and speak to the reader well.

“Jim” is thrust into a detective role as his discovery of two dead bodies leads the Sheriff to his home… his mother looks awfully suspicious for the murders.  Jim works with his brother, friend, and mother to figure out what really is happening in the small town.  I felt like the authors painted a vivid picture instead of just telling me the story.

The Third Eye was an excellent read and I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages and types.

Reviewed by Chris Swinney, July 2013.
Author of the upcoming Gray Ghost.


The Devil LaughedThe Devil Laughed
A Moriah Dru / Richard Lake Mystery
Gerrie Ferris Finger
Five Star, September 2013
ISBN 978-1-4328-2697-0

The Devil Laughed was an interesting book.  Although I had difficulty keeping track of the point of view being used by the author at times, I was able to keep reading and learning more about the main characters “Lake” and “Moriah,” both with law enforcement ties.

“Moriah” makes a discovery which brings up an old cold case.  The two of them try to figure out what happened then and what funny business is occurring now.  There is quite a bit of dialogue, which helps keep the story going.  There’s also a hint of their relationship, which helps pull you into each character.

Overall, The Devil Laughed is worth a read.  I think it could be slightly shorter and edited a little tighter.  Nevertheless, I was able to see a developing plot that was interesting, but it wasn’t obvious.  The ending was well thought out and made sense, which is crucial.

Reviewed by Chris Swinney, June 2013.
Author of the upcoming Gray Ghost.