Book Review: The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman @richardosman @PamelaDormanBks

The Man Who Died Twice
A Thursday Murder Club Mystery #2
Richard Osman
Pamela Dorman Books, September 2021
ISBN 978-1-9848-8099-4

If you read The Thursday Murder Club and enjoyed it as much as I did, then you should definitely get your hands on The Man Who Died Twice, the second book in the series. It’s great to revisit Coopers Chase, the upscale retirement village, along with the those unforgettable characters Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim who live there.

Still on something of a high after solving the first Thursday Club Murder Mystery, the friends and neighbours are enjoying some peace and quiet. But not for long! When an old friend and colleague of Elizabeth’s appears asking for her help, fearful for his life after being accused of stealing diamonds worth millions, she is hard pressed to refuse.

It isn’t long before a body turns up and Elizabeth and her friends suddenly find themselves dealing with a murderer intent on recovering those precious diamonds no matter how many bodies fall by the wayside in the attempt. But Elizabeth hopes to prevent that from happening by finding the missing diamonds.

The Murder Club members also find themselves coming to Ibrahim’s rescue after he is knocked down and injured by some street kids who also steal his phone. Mixed in with that are a local drug dealer and several MI6 members who are also chasing the diamonds.

Elizabeth takes charge as only she can, but bodies do appear fairly regularly and she and her friends are soon tangled up with a number of unsavoury characters in a new and far reaching adventure.

Dabs of humour lighten this, at times dark, yet enjoyable tale and there’s also a bit of romance thrown in.

The Author has a winning combination here…. and I can hardly wait for the next Thursday Murder Club Mystery to appear.

Respectfully submitted.

Reviewed by guest reviewer Moyra Tarling, October 2021.

Book Review: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman @richardosman @PamelaDormanBks

The Thursday Murder Club
A Thursday Murder Club Mystery #1
Richard Osman
A Pamela Dorman Book/Viking, September 2020
ISBN 978-1-9848-8096-3

This is Richard Osman’s first mystery novel and it’s getting some great reviews. He is well-known in Britain having been the host of the popular television quiz show “Pointless” for a number of years.

His foray into mystery writing has been well received and indeed the novel is up for a number of awards. I’m not surprised. I really enjoyed The Thursday Murder Club. Its setting is a retirement village in Kent called Coopers Chase and that’s where we meet Ron, Joyce, Ibrahim and Elizabeth, the members of the Thursday Murder Club.

Joyce is the newest member of the Club. She is Penny Gray’s replacement. Penny is in the nursing home, unable to communicate after a debilitating stroke. Penny was an Inspector with the Kent Police before retiring. She’d brought with her a number of unsolved case files, files the Thursday Murder Club has been working to solve.

A meeting has been called by the property owner Ian Ventham with regard to proposed changes to Coopers Chase. His plans involve expanding the community solely for the purpose of increasing his wealth. The residents are frustrated and annoyed at this development, but there appears to be little they can do.

The following morning the residents are shocked to learn that Ian Ventham has been murdered. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is excited that The Thursday Murder Club has a current crime to solve. She takes charge and with the help of the other Club members set about investigating the murder.

All the characters we meet in this charming mystery are well rounded, interesting and intelligent people. There is a good deal more to Elizabeth than meets the eye, as she and her retired friend, each with a skill to enhance the investigation, boldly involve themselves in the search to uncover the killer.

There’s much to explore and more to admire as they unravel this intriguing tale.

Check it out… you won’t regret it!!

Respectfully submitted,

Reviewed by guest reviewer Moyra Tarling, January 2021.