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Today’s share is from Sci-Fi and Scary:

Nightfall by Daniel Barnett #BookReview

“Tomorrow died on the last morning of May. There were those who saw it happen, who watched the shadow fall, who felt the chop of the guillotine as the world lost its head. Everyone else witnessed only the aftermath, for the event itself lasted no longer than a moment. They stepped outside from windowless rooms, they climbed up from crowded subways, they pulled back the blinds to let in the sun, and found the nightmare waiting for them.”

But the dark is only the beginning.

NIGHTFALL is the first volume of the NIGHTMARELAND CHRONICLES, an ongoing serialized adventure horror epic following one man’s journey to reach his estranged daughter in a world claimed by eternal night.

Title: Nightfall | Author: Daniel Barnett | Publisher: Self published | Pub. Date: 28 May 2020 Pages: 140 | ISBN: 9781477848661 | Genre: Horror | Language: English |  Source: Author sent for review consideration | Starred Review

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from Kevin’s Corner:

Scott’s Take: Midnight Riot (Rivers of
London Book One) by Ben Aaronovitch

Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch is the first book in The Rivers of London series. The book is called Midnight Riot in the USA, but it is called The Rivers of London in the UK where it was first published. This book is the first in a series of books and graphic novels starring Peter Grant who is an apprentice wizard and cop. Very soon Peter Grant is going to be shuffled off to a unit that handles paperwork only due to his academic background and never going to be allowed to catch any criminals directly. This all changes when he is standing guard at the scene of a murder and a witness to the murder decides to tell Peter what happened. Except the witness did not see much and is a ghost.

Peter Grant soon finds himself as apprentice to Inspector Thomas Nightingale. The inspector leads a small unit of cops that are wizards too. The unit is very secretive and includes members from other services. While he gradually learns the identities of a few of the other members, it is primarily up to him and Nightingale to solve the murder while trying to make sure the public does not know there is someone or something using magic to kill people.

This book is part mystery, part fantasy, part politics, and part police procedural, all with a British setting and pacing. The setting of London is involved heavily and becomes a character in its own in the read. A read that is full of action, humor, and secrets. There is lots of foreshadowing and things that are a setup for the next novel in the series titled, Moon Over Soho. Unfortunately, that title is only available in eBook through my library and the hold is going to take quite some time.

Peter Grant relies more on his police training than his magic at this point in his life because he is still learning and he is a cop first. If the idea of cops having to see a ghost judge to get a warrant to arrest a ghost seems fun to you then this is a book for you.

Midnight Riot (Rivers of London Book One)
Ben Aaronovitch
Del Rey Mass Market (Ballentine Books)
February 2011
ISBN 978-0-345-52425-6
Paperback (also available in audio, eBook, and Hardback formats)
322 Pages (includes 12-page excerpt from Moon Over Soho)

My reading copy came from the Central or Downtown Branch of the Dallas Public Library System.

Scott A. Tipple ©2020

By Kevin’s Corner on October 17, 2020

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from This Is My Truth Now:


The Secrets of Midwives by Sally Hepworth
My rating: 5 of 5 starsThe Secrets of Midwives is the fifth book by Sally Hepworth that I’ve read. After reading the first one a couple of years ago, I’ve gone back to catch up on the earlier ones. Although I can see great quality in the improvement of the author’s writing, I daresay this might be my favorite one thus far. The story is well crafted and flows strongly. I found myself eagerly turning the pages, and I was quite sad when it ended. So, what’s it about, you ask?

Three generations of women who are midwives: Floss, the grandmother. Grace, the mother. Neva, the daughter. Each chapter alternates between the three of them in modern day with a few flashbacks to the past. Floss is strong and independent, likes things the way they used to be, but has an open mind. Grace is a bit of a hippie and does things her own way, often causes discord in the family, and can’t stand secrets. Neva is modern in her thoughts, a very respected midwife, and has found herself pregnant. But she won’t tell anyone who the father is!

One of the strengths here is the diversity of the relationships between each woman, her husband or partner, her career, and the way in which she works. I admire all three but I believe Neva has her head screwed on properly, for lack of a better phrase. That said, I’m not 100% clear why she can’t reveal the father, even when it does come out midway thru… but it is a good story, so I let that go. I also had a little struggle in the beginning for what is both a good and a bad reason. The novel is told in 1st person POV, and after the first chapter focusing on Neva, you hear her voice in your head as you read. When Grace takes over in the second chapter, and it’s her voice in 1st person POV, it gets confusing… especially since it’s 3 women and the same job. It took 6 chapters before I could let my mind accept the constant changing. Normally I love this approach… but in third person. I also think 1st person was necessary to develop proper intimacy, so it’s just a matter of waiting out the time to settle in. Which I did!

To hear the stories of so many births and complications was incredible. I learned a lot too about childbirth, and I found myself squirming a few times. Not because of it being too visceral, but because I found myself thinking about what’s actually happening during the process. So not fun! Then again, bodies can expand and contract, so there must be a fine balance there. A good way to build respect for humanity and what a mother goes thru. All the decisions about natural vs. drugs, position of the mother, position of the baby, who touches who first, etc. Wow! So much thought went into the voices and personalities as well as the realistic nature of a midwife’s role. Kudos to the author.

After this one, I must now get to the last book (which is an earlier one) so that I am fully caught up on this amazing author’s collection by the end of this year… that way I can jump right on when her next one releases in 2021.

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from Kevin’s Corner:

Review: Sooner Than Gold by J. R. Lindermuth

It is late June 1898 as Sooner Than Gold by J.R. Lindermuth begins. Hiram Mariner is the local doctor and he has come to fetch Sheriff Sylvester Tilghman in his newfangled horseless carriage as they both are wanted down at a mine just outside of town. Nathan Zimmerman, owner of the mine just outside of Arahpot, Pennsylvania wants both men pronto. Since Zimmerman is technically his boss, the good sheriff has to go as fast as possible and that means his own horse is out.

The ride to the mine was bad enough. Having to go down deep in the mine by way of the elevator was way worse. Both were required as the situation is such that the Doc and the Sheriff had to see for themselves.

A group of miners were working when a rockfall of some sort occurred. All of the miners survived the initial rockfall. It took about twelve hours to get to the trapped miners. When they finally broke through to a small group of trapped miners, Kessler had a knife in his hand and was standing over a man by the name of Petry. Petry was very much dead.

While the body of the scene had no obvious wounds, according to Doc, the assumption by all is that Kessler killed him. Kessler swears he didn’t kill Petry. There is no evidence one way or the other and until the Doc does his autopsy, all the Sheriff can do is investigate and put Kessler in a jail cell.

He does both and a lot more in this very enjoyable western tale. Rich in atmosphere and setting, this complex mystery has multiple storylines that tangent away from the primary and generate interesting and rich background situations. Those deals do not overshadow the complicated main storyline which steady powers along throughout the book.

The result is an interesting and very good tale that is part western, part mystery, with a dash of romance, and a lot more. Sooner than Gold by J. R. Lindermuth is a very good read and well worth your time. The book is a sequel to the very good Fallen From Grace and can be read without reading the preceding book if so desired.

Sooner Than Gold
J. R. Lindermuth
Oak Tree Press
April 2013
ISBN# 978-1-61009-458-0

I have had this book in my eBook TBR pile for years now. I have no idea now how it came to be in my possession.

Kevin R. Tipple ©2020

By Kevin’s Corner on August 13, 2020

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from Ben’s Bitter Blog:

Isolating Long Before It Was
Cool Bitter Friday Giftures

By bensbitterblog on March 27, 2020

As you may not be aware of, there is this outbreak of disease going on, which means that we have to stay home as much as we can for a while. I’m not sure how all these extroverts are going to handle this, but us introverts are doing just fine. If it wasn’t for the other tinier humans in our house driving us crazy and making us do their homework, this would be an ideal situation. I’ve done isolation really well for most of my life and have been called shy, introvert, weirdo, or go-outside-and-mingle-with-someone my whole life. Now all of you naysayers telling me that I was supposed to get out and meet people were wrong. So I don’t want to tell you, “I told you so”, but I absolutely told you so. And I will continue to rub that in your face. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to touch my face or anyone else’s. So I will facetime or Skype it in your faces then. Regardless, the Bitter Friday Giftures will continue in earnest…

Looks like Tom Hanks had it right in the movie…

Fish Years GIF

…not so much in real life.

I am writing songs like this…

away GIF

…all day with my free time. What are you doing?

Turns out Dwight Shrute was right…

Toilet Paper Office GIF by Leroy Patterson

…to turn 2 ply into one ply after all.

We may not have enough toilet paper for a fort…

Donald Glover Troy Barnes GIF

…but we sure have enough pillows.

I saw a couple people outside…

the walking dead zombie GIF


I went outside…

Lonely The Simpsons GIF

…and did some fun activities with all my friends.

I made sure to…

jennifer lawrence running behind the lady GIF

…100 feet from everyone like I always do.

Made sure to remain…

unproductive GIF by Product Hunt

…as productive as usual.

Made sure to be a good listener…

kim ye-rim whatever GIF

…as usual.

I made sure to stay…

not my job GIF

…nice and motivated.

Made sure to let everyone know…

not my job GIF

…how hard I would be working.

Made sure I got permission…

Ron Swanson GIF

…before I did anything.

Made sure to help everyone…

parks and rec GIF

…with whatever they needed.

I know it seems like I’m a bit of an overachiever, but this is where I thrive. I think Dwight was right when he said that we needed more plagues, so we could get more productive like I clearly am. Make sure you wash your hands because you have to get all that productivity off your hands and make sure you stay at least 100 feet away from everyone, including your family because they might ask you do something for them. Why didn’t we all just listen to me in the beginning?


Bitter Isolation Before It was Cool Ben

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from The Book Blog Life:

COVID-19 & Me | Anxiety Tips

By The Book Blog Life on March 21, 2020

I need to preface this blog post with I am not a doctor and you should always seek medical advice if you are really struggling but I have tried to ignore this whole thing and can’t so thought I would vent on here and give you all some of my tips!

Just a bit of background but I live on a small island where thankfully we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 yet, the government over here after a lot of indecisiveness has started to put lockdown, isolation and social distancing procedures in place which are all fantastic and I support 100%. Despite all of this we are a tiny population and are all working off the assumption that it’s a when not an if when COVID-19 descends and I cannot help but feel nothing but anxiety about it. I am an asthma sufferer and a chesty cold will knock me sideways but this is my worst nightmare.

So I haven’t been the greatest to be around, I have been grouchy and irritable, emotional and just an all-round mess if I’m completely honest. But for now, my life has to keep moving forward, I still have to work and move past it. I could tell you that being really grateful that we haven’t got any confirmed cases is enough but I would be lying. It almost feels like impending doom, and I feel like I’m constantly looking over my shoulder waiting for the horror to step in. I am SO grateful beyond grateful we don’t have any cases but my anxiety just will not settle.

So I’m trying to be good to myself and look after myself by practicing self-care and making sure that I don’t spiral too much which I know is way more difficult than just the tips I have put below.


I thought I would get the obvious one out of the way. I am a huge reader and reading has got me through a lot of bad times and is the way that I end up calming myself down. I have changed my reading a little the last couple of weeks and tried to pick up more fantasy and light-hearted reads. Anything that takes my focus away from everything that’s going on around the world.

I have picked up The Goldfinch and I think that was a little bit of a mistake with it being a little darker and deeper than what I was planning for but I think the act of reading is doing me more good than worrying about what I’m reading.


I have yet again abandoned the novel that I won NaNoWriMo 19 with but I have started writing my own again. Which I thought would be the last thing I would want to do, you know too much pressure but actually, it gives me more of escapism than panic of extra, it feels as though I’m being productive rather than freaking out about everything and sitting nothing.

I have started writing something I’m really enjoying and I’m letting that take over. I don’t know where it will end up but for now, it’s making all the difference where this pandemic is concerned.

Baths or hot showers

This is something I do when I am beginning to get overwhelmed with everything going on around me. I like to either sit in the bath with a good book or a movie and forget the world around me. If I don’t have time to sit and completely relax in a bath the shower is just as good.

I love turning the heat up and having it literally wash away the tension and the stress of the day. I give myself a lovely head massage when washing my hair and take great cares to wash my face and complete a skincare routine and really make an effort to take care of myself.

Walking the dog

This one isn’t one I’m great at but it is one that I really should try to do more of because it really does make a difference to my feelings and I love being on the outside. The island where I live is a beautiful place and there are some really lovely places to walk and experience. Plus my dog really loves going on these runs and she’s always knackered which is a great thing especially when she wants to sleep for the entire time.

Cry/Talk it out

I think this one is really important. This only happens when none of the things above seems to help. I sit with my husband, and I think that’s important to note I never sit and cry alone. We talk it all through and he lets me vent and worry about my concerns and we deconstruct the problems one by one. Sometimes there was a solution and sometimes there isn’t but it always feels better to talk these things through.

Chat with me about books

How are you guys feeling about everything? Do you have any tips for those moments where things seem to get too much? Let me know!

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I often find posts by other bloggers
that strike a chord in me for one reason
or another and I’ll be occasionally sharing
them here on Buried Under Books.

Today’s share is from Write-Escape:

#Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews–
Review–4.5 Stars–#NetGalley

Sunset Beach::.jpg 850.jpg

A well-written, romantic, and captivating cozy mystery.

Coming 5/7/19


Drue hadn’t seen her father for over twenty years. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and her dad had never been part of her life. So when he showed up at her mom’s funeral, Drue was taken back. She was especially suspicious when he offered her a job. Drue accepted the offer, however. Because how bad could working be in a legal office? But when Drue started at her position, she was blown away. Not only was her high school frenemy her superior, but she was also married to Drue’s father. That, however, would only be the first of many surprises.

While Drue was working, she noticed how rude and unfair some of her dad’s clients were being treated. But after becoming emotionally involved with one of the clients, Drue started her own investigation. She discovered a missing person’s file in a place it should never have been. Her research was bringing up more questions than answers. And, in some way, Dru knew her father was involved. But to what degree? Drue was determined to find out.

Sunset Beach has a bit of everything in it, intrigue, humor, and romance. Very well done.

Thank you, St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy.

~4.5 out of 5 stars~


sunset beach thumb.jpg

Amazon                                                   B&N


mary kay Andrews thumb.jpg

Bio (from author’s page on Amazon)

Mary Kay Andrews is the New York Times bestselling author of The High Tide Club, The Beach House Cookbook, The Weekenders, Beach Town, Save the Date, Christmas Bliss, Ladies’ Night, Spring Fever, and Summer Rental, all from St. Martin’s Press, as well as Savannah Breeze, Blue Christmas Hissy Fit, Little Bitty Lies and Savannah Blues, all Harper Collins. On May 7, 2019, St. Martin’s Press will release her 26th novel, SUNSET BEACH

A former reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, she wrote ten critically acclaimed mysteries, including the Callahan Garrity mystery series, originally under her real name, Kathy Hogan Trocheck. The Callahan mysteries were recently re-released by Harper Collins, as Mary Kay Andrews writing as Kathy Hogan Trocheck.

A native of St. Petersburg, FL (and a diplomate of the Maas Bros. Department Store School of Charm), she started her professional journalism career in Savannah, GA, where she covered the real-life murder trials which were the basis of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

As a lifelong “junker” the author claims to know the location of every promising thrift store, flea market and junkpile in the southeastern United States, plus many parts of Ohio.

She has a B.A. in newspaper journalism from The University of Georgia (go Dawgs!), and is a frequent writing teacher and lecturer at workshops and book festivals.

Married to her high school sweetheart, she is the mother of two grown children and a proud grandmother. When not on book tour, she divides her time between Atlanta and Tybee Island, GA.

By Write-Escape on April 20, 2019

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