A Scottish Summer Celebration.

I’ve always liked family saga stories and Davida’s
review takes me right back to my one and only
visit to Scotland so many years ago. I want to
go back and I want to read this book!

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Book Review for “Apricot Sky” by Ruby Ferguson.

Summary: “It’s 1948 in the Scottish Highlands, with postwar austerity and rationing in full effect, but Mr and Mrs MacAlvey and their family and friends are too irrepressibly cheerful to let it get them down. There’s Raine, newly engaged to the brother of a local farmer, and Cleo, just back from three years in the States, along with their brother James, married to neurotic Trina, who smothers their two oversheltered children. There are also three MacAlvey grandchildren, orphaned in the war, whose hilarious mishaps keep everyone on their toes. There are wedding preparations, visits from friends, an adventurous hike, and frustrated romance. But really the plot of the novel is, simply, life, as lived by irresistible characters with humour, optimism, and affection.”

Age: Adult; Genres: Literary, Women, Fiction; Settings: Contemporary, UK: Scotland; Other Categories: Novel, Vintage, Romance…

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