Book Review: Bar Sinister by Marian Allen @MarianAllen @PerBastetBooks

Bar Sinister
A Spadena Street Mystery
Marian Allen
Per Bastet Publications, October 2019
ISBN 978-1-942166-67-2
Trade Paperback

Jack Pitt is a woman-chasing assistant prosecutor in a small city whose life is about to experience a drastic change. He rises in the pre-dawn to run the city streets. Elsewhere two apparently middle-aged women rise to go about their daily activities. One is hippy-raised Life Coach Injustice H. Chocolate, the other, Doris Winston. Injustice is commonly called Juss and she has just hired a new secretary. He’s named Kerry Dashingly. Now readers will divine all they need to know about the style and flavor of this crime novel, a deep, well-designed dive into the complicated and sometimes dangerous life of amateur sleuth, Juss Chocolate.

Human relationships and personal judgments are at the heart of this novel, which carries forward through traffic accidents, death threats and murder attempts, the development of those many relationships.

The novel is well-written, moves steadily and logically to its conclusion with several well-developed central characters and a range of philosophical points of view. Although the story concerns murder most vicious, the main thrust of this cozy story is the development of many relationships among the characters and should be read for enjoyment of that.

Reviewed by Carl Brookins, April 2020.
Traces, Grand Lac, Reunion, Red Sky.