Overthinking It: What Makes a Strong Female Character

Interesting thoughts and I think I agree with Brenda’s
conclusions. One thing I find a bit aggravating is that
female characters are frequently described as “strong” but
that’s rarely the case with with male characters.It’s as if
male characters are assumed to be strong so nothing needs to
be said about that aspect of the character whereas
it’s kind of an aberration if a female is strong.

Penny For Our Thoughts

Hello Friends! I am back with another overthinking it post, and today I am talking about what makes a strong female character.

Often in reviews, I see mention of strong women, and it makes me wonder if this is just an overused phrase or if there is some substance to those words. That led me to the question of “what makes a strong female character,” and I did a little digging around the internet to gather some thoughts about that question.

I think a lot about gender roles, how women are portrayed and represented in fiction. Do we see women strong because of their disadvantages, the actions of other characters towards them or the cruelty of men? Do we see women as strong for overcoming or surviving the violence of men? If we do, what about women who are struggling? Are they weak and considered not strong? What about brave?…

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