Book Review: Sinister Sisterhood by Jane Badrock @janebadrock @BADPRESSiNK

Sinister Sisterhood
Jane Badrock
Bad Press Ink, July 2020
ISBN: 978-1-9160845-2-0
Trade Paperback

Elle and David are childhood sweethearts—until David goes away to university. At that point, his interests diverge, taking him into animal welfare and a successful career in television presentations. But then his career is interrupted by a bear, and once again his interests change. Especially when a voluptuous stripper/entrepreneur named Delilah takes him in hand. Meanwhile, Elle’s Aunt Pat, who is passionate about tigers and gin, leads her niece down a much different path. Even so, you just know somewhere along the line these two will meet again.

Years pass. Each becomes wealthy and successful. Elle plans to combat the cruelty of animal exploitation and gathers a diverse team of ladies who are very good at various activities. Some (most) are not legal.

David also gathers a group of followers. You can guess what his activities are.

Be prepared for fireworks when this story comes to an explosive conclusion.

The story is witty, the depicted talents are well thought out, the story conflict, sadly enough, rings true. The dialogue is entertaining. While I thought it all went on a little too long, Sinister Sisterhood will have you laughing and rooting for those bad girls.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, September 2020.
Author of The Woman Who Built A Bridge (Spur Award Winner), Yester’s Ride,
Hometown Burning and Five Days, Five Dead: A China Bohannon Novel

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