Heartbreak in Beirut

Putting politics aside—and there’s a lot of bitter politics between Lebanon and much of the world—now is the time that we simply must come together with the people of a country that has been suffering for a long time. Mired in poverty and governmental manipulation and negligence for years, the Lebanese haven’t had real peace in so long that many of them don’t really remember what it’s like to live without fear. Perhaps they’ve brought some of the world’s animosity on themselves but they most certainly do not deserve what happened on Tuesday.

The numbers of dead and injured are different and it doesn’t appear to be any kind of attack but our own experience with the horrors of 9/11 mean that we share grief caused by a sudden disaster. We all bleed and mourn the same, no matter who we are or what we believe in, and our humanity demands that we care.

The explosion itself is bad enough but hospitals were destroyed, banks are withholding funds and these people already had a big problem with hunger; with the severe damage to the grain silos, the food shortage is going to become massive very quickly. If you’d like to help, here are a few options:

Donate to the Lebanese Red Cross, which dispatched ambulances
from around the country to Beirut to help with rescuing and
evacuating patients. They also set up triage and first aid stations.

Donate to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)
in Lebanon. Already in Beirut, MSF staff went to health facilities
to assist medics in the aftermath of the explosion.

Donate to Lebanon Children’s Relief Fund from Save the Children.

Donate to Lebanese Food Bank. Working to eliminate hunger across
the region, the Lebanese Food Bank has previously been supported
by Amal and George Clooney, who earlier this year helped with
coronavirus relief efforts. Amid a massive explosion that has
displaced many people in Beirut, the organization’s mission to
make sure nobody goes hungry is critical.