2020 Hindsight

Returning guest blogger Sunny Frazier, whose first novel in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries, Fools Rush In, received the Best Novel Award from Public Safety Writers Association, is here today to share her thoughts on this awful year of 2020—and it’s not over yet.

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Sunday was my 69th birthday and I stayed home, by choice. Despite the fact that restaurants are opening, no matter that some of my friends choose to venture out, even though a handful believe this is all a government hoax, I have no urge to use my body as a barometer to see if it’s safe.

We’re all a little shell-shocked as one calamity after another happens. Being home has given us a chance for introspection.

First, we worried about nature. Climate change, melting icebergs, fires in the Amazon. We were used to that sort of news. Weather headlined the nightly news with a hurricane demolishing Puerto Rico. Throwing paper towels at the problem wasn’t going to solve it.

We impeached a president. That seemed earthshaking at the time. We all learned a little Latin when Quid Pro Quo was being bantered about. Nothing seemed to come of it than a slap on the president’s hand.

Lurking in the background was a virus in China. We saw it, we watched as the city of Wuhan shut its gates to the world. But, that wasn’t our problem. Until it was. The idea that the United States wasn’t at risk quickly came to an end. Despite our advanced technology and “superior” health care, the Dragon made it to our shores. Suddenly we were all donning masks until they were in short supply. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper disappeared from the shelves. Rest homes were vulnerable and loved ones were kept out as the elderly died. Doctors and nurses were fed and applauded. It brought out the best in our country.

And the worst. After staying at home for two months, some people were willing to test the waters by going to the beach. The idea of six feet apart was laughed at. The young, invincible as always, partied in large groups. Maybe they were celebrating their dystopian fantasies coming true.

For a mega-second we were distracted by Murder Hornets. But then the most unbelievable believable thing happened. An African American man was murdered in broad daylight by a policeman who found it necessary to rest his knee and full body weight on George Floyd’s neck. There was an audience and cameras but none of this deterred the action. There were plenty of other incidents, but this one came at a time when the country was at its breaking point. This time the reaction was world-wide. Racism wasn’t safely covered over and protected by law. The question was, who protects us from the protectors?

Removing Confederate statues and flags won’t end the legacy of the Civil War. Taking guns away from Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam is cartoonish. Forbid the showing of “Gone With the Wind”? That’s a tragedy because it’s a landmark in movie making.

It only took six months and 155 years to get to this point. 2020 will be a year remembered in the worst way. We missed out on St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day. We missed out on funerals too. There will be other years, but in 2020 we missed out on so much. It’s a census year and there’s over 100,000 people can no longer count. We still have an election to deal with. On top of that, the Corona Virus is predicted to make a comeback.

No one can argue that the world is changing. Whether for the better or worse, we won’t know until we look back in hindsight.