When Research Comes to Life

This reminds me so much of my own visit to
Egypt a long time ago! I’m heading right over to iTunes
to pick up the audiobook of Murder at the Mena House 🙂

By Erica Neubauer

I love to travel, and I have, admittedly, done quite a bit of it. But at the top of my bucket list of places to visit has always been Egypt. So, when I set my first novel there, I had to go visit and check my research!

Photo 2

Oh, the things we are forced to do.

Photo 10 Spices

For the first part of the trip, I did a guided tour. It took us around some of the major sights of Cairo, including the local market, which was just as loud and chaotic as you might expect it to be. There were shops crowded together, selling everything from stuffed toy camels to men bending fez around a hot steam iron to large bags of spices and pierced metal lamps and…well, everything. It was loud and bright, but an experience that can’t be missed.

Photo 1

The second day we took a drive out…

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