Book Review: Below the Radar by Dana Ridenour @ridenour_dana @Wiseink

Below The Radar
The Lexie Montgomery FBI Series #3
Dana Ridenour
Wise Ink Creative Publishing, August 2019
ISBN 978-1-63489-224-7
Trade Paperback

FBI Special Agent Lexie Montgomery is still recovering mentally from her previous undercover assignment. But when she is asked to take on a new one, her therapist, Dr.Levering, doesn’t think Lexie is ready to return to action. Lexie assures her she’s fine, adding she’s the only Agent available with the experience to take on this assignment. A Dutch Police Officer, working undercover with a group of eco-extremists, has gone missing and Lexie, who has worked and lived with a similar group in a previous undercover operation, knows their mindset and methods.

While her immediate supervisor isn’t pleased with her decision, Special Agent Adam Harper is eager for her to take this on and return to the field. Special Agent Harper has also been assigned Agent Blake Bennet, mainly for the purpose of keeping an eye on Lexie.

The Agents meet and Lexie fears that two people trying to infiltrate a terrorist group will make the operation more difficult, but Agent Harper is insistent. Two days later they are on their way to the Hague. After being briefed, Blake and Lexie travel to Amsterdam where they meet up with a man who will take them to the Gathering (a meeting of protestors,) and introduce them to a few members of the eco-extremeists and persuade them they are as eager to join their group with the hope they will find out what has become of the missing Police Officer.

Blake and Lexie play their part well and are invited to join the inner group at their private camp. At this camp their phones are confiscated, but as they settle in and meet the other members of the group, there is no sign of the missing Policeman. Lexie seems to have a better handle on how to behave and the leader of the group, Holden, takes a fancy to her. Blake, however, finds himself on the outs with the possibility that he might be sent packing.

Initially the assignment to find and hopefully rescue the missing policeman had a certain urgency. And while there was a level of tension in the story once Lexie and Blake arrived at the inner camp, little progress was made. Whatever the extremists were planning came across as vague. Yes, they were up to something…but with little detail of their plan the urgency was lost.

While I understand that any type of undercover is undoubtedly a slow process, this story seemed to be going nowhere. Initially the assignment had seemed urgent to find the missing policeman, I never fully engaged in the plot and the ending came across as rather flat.

Just My Humble Opinion.
Respectfully submitted.

Reviewed by guest reviewer Moyra Tarling, August 2019.

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