Three for the Price of One.

Now, here’s a book that I’m going to have to read, thanks to this review 😉

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Book Review for “The Lady and the Highwayman” by Sarah M. Eden.

lady and the highwaymanDuring Victorian England, there were essentially two types of books available. Of course, one was considered literature; well written tales that both middle and upper classes found worthy of reading. The other was what they called “penny dreadfuls” which were cheap (costing only a penny), serialized novels of high adventure and lowbrow content. Fletcher Walker was one of the favorite authors of the latter kind, but lately he’s lost his standing to an unknown newcomer called Mr. King. Elizabeth Black is also an author, but known for the former kind of novels, since writing anything less would put the school for girls that she runs in disrepute. That’s why she has to hide her identity with those penny dreadful stories she’s been writing on the side. When these two come together under unlikely circumstance, they both…

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