Wildlife in the Wild and at Home

Click on the picture for a better look at the alligator
we saw sunbathing near a pond on the side of the road
on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, the island we live on!


Annie took the picture.

My daughters then had a text conversation:

Laura: Just remember, it’s not enough to run fast – you
have to run faster than the person you’re with.

Annie: I have no problem leaving Mom to fend for herself.

Laura: You can always toss in a cat to slow them down.

Annie: BRB, sacrificing Holly.

Laura: Hee.


This is Holly. Looks sweet and innocent, doesn’t she?
she is sweet but she’s also the most annoying
cat ever, the
kind who has the zoomies in the middle of
the night, deliberately
climbs on forbidden places to
demand attention, turns into the
Tasmanian Devil
when we attempt to put her in a carrier and can
petted only on her terms. Sacrifice to the alligators
has been contemplated more than once.