Something’s Afoot

Hey there! Some of you may have noticed I’ve
been kind of in and out recently and I figured
it’s time to ‘fess up. See, I’ve been a little distracted
lately with packing because my daughter and I have
bought a house in St. Augustine, FL, and we’ll
be moving from Richmond, VA, on January 8th.
Well, actually, the movers are coming on the 8th
and we’re hitting the road on the 9th, with
three cats and a dog on board 😉

It seems as though we’ve been packing forever
because, well, we have. I mean you can’t just
twitch your nose and it’s done, can you? I’ve been
in this house for 32 years and my daughter grew
up here, then came back, so you can imagine the
mounds of STUFF we’ve had to go through. The good
news is we’ve really cleaned out and unloaded a lot.

So, time is catching up with us awfully fast and
I have to really buckle down. That means I’ll have
to be kind of spotty here on Buried Under Books
but I’ll be posting a few things here and there.
Hang in there if you can and we should be back
to normal, sort of, by mid-January.

The new place—

and my new favorite place to hang out 😉


5 thoughts on “Something’s Afoot

  1. How neat. I love the red door and the long driveway. Our driveway is a stubby little thing. There are only trees behind you and no houses, and that pool area is to die for. You picked a cute house. Enjoy. This is a major life change. What a great way to start the New Year.


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