Mysteryrat’s Maze Podcast Bringing Stories to Life

Lorie Lewis Ham has been publishing her writing since the age of 13 and singing since the age of 5. She worked for her local newspaper off and on for years, has published several poems, articles, and short stories, and in 2010 became the editor-in-chief and publisher of Kings River Life Magazine. She has also published 6 mystery novels, 5 of which featured gospel singing amateur detective Alexandra Walters.

Podcasts have become the big thing over the last few years. You can find one on just about any topic that interests you from politics, to books, to your favorite TV shows. There are even a couple of really popular true crime podcasts. One thing I think that has made them so popular is that we miss what we used to get from radio-something interesting to listen too when we aren’t able to watch something. Yes, radio still exists, but it doesn’t offer as much as it used to, and with a podcast you can pick exactly what you want to listen to, when, and where. I do most of my podcast listening on my iPhone in the car while driving. But you can also listen on your computer, or tablet.

I publish an online magazine called Kings River Life ( and we have a big mystery section every week. I also write mystery novels, and I’ve been reading mysteries since I was a teenager. So I LOVE mystery. I started wondering if there were podcasts out there that were mystery related, and honestly didn’t find very many, so the idea hit me why not create our own podcast! This idea began brewing in 2017.

Once we decided to start our own mystery podcast it came down to what would it be like. After some thought, I decided it would be fun to have local actors (we also cover local theatre in KRL) read mystery short stories, and from there I thought why not have them read mystery first chapters as well-and that’s how Mysteryrat’s Maze mystery podcast came to be! The title came from KRL’s mystery section which is called Mysteryrat’s Maze.

So now we had the basic idea, and from there things went pretty quickly. I put out a call for short stories, and later first chapters, and a lot of them came in. We then started auditioning for the podcasts-which I will tell is a lot harder than I realized! In the meantime, we had to have a place to host the podcast and ended up choosing PodBean-some of my favorite podcasts are there and they seemed easy to use. We also had to choose a theme song and we found an announcer. I am lucky that my husband produces radio programs so the technical side was easy.

Our first podcast went up in May of 2018 and it was a mystery short story by Nancy Cole Silverman called “The Pub Crawl.” Since then we have recorded “The Dead Lady’s Coat” by Joan Leotta, the first chapter of Jeri Westerson’s new Crispin Guest Novel “The Deepest Grave,” the mystery short story “Players” by Dennis Palumbo, “Doggy DNA” by Neil Plakcy, and most recently the first chapter of Kathleen Kaska’s mystery “Murder at the Driskill.” Next month we will have the first chapter of the first Haunted Bookshop mystery by Cleo Coyle, and a slightly creepy mystery short story called “Mercy Killer” by Merrilee Robson. You can find all of the episodes at, and on iTunes and Google Play by searching for Mysteryrat’s Maze.

This has been an exciting new journey and I’m thrilled about how they have turned out! Coming up over the next year we will have stories and chapters by Elaine Viets, Julia Buckley, Marilyn Meredith, Daryl Wood Gerber and many more! If you love podcasts and mystery these are a perfect fit for you–but if you have never tried podcasts and love mystery I highly encourage you to give them a try-it’s really easy and each podcast is no more than 10 minutes. You can hear these stories come to life!

To keep up with the podcasts and get extra content I recommend you sign up for our podcast email newsletter ( or follow us on PodBean ( In the meantime, as our announcer says at the end of each podcast, we wish you a life full of mystery!