Cover Reveal: Absinthe Without Leave by Carole Nelson Douglas


Title: Absinthe Without Leave
Series: Midnight Louie Café Noir Mystery Series
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Publisher: Wishlist Publishing
Publication Date: October 30, 2018
Genres: mystery-action, paranormal, romance



Back in the ’90s, a Publishers Weekly reviewer opined that
“Nine lives would not be nearly enough for this dude.” The
“dude” was a Sam Spade PI cat named Midnight Louie, who
not only helped four human crime-solvers (amateur and
pro) close cases, but saw them through issues with friends,
lovers, and family. (“Zingy humor and powerful emotions will leave
fans highly satisfied.”—RT Book Reviews) Based on a real stray
tomcat-survival artist, Louie and his sassy narrative voice in his own
interlarded chapters kept the alphabetically titled series going to
the 28th and final novel in 2016, Cat in an Alphabet Endgame.

Now back by popular demand, Midnight Louie embarks on his
33rd life (he also featured in a mystery-romance quartet in the ’80s)
with Absinthe Without Leave publishing on Halloween, 2018. Instead
of gallantly protecting his “little doll”, petite Las Vegas PR freelancer
Miss Temple Barr, Louie gets a new gal partner, fresh from an urban
fantasy Vegas rife with demon drug lords and werewolf mobsters.
Delilah Street is smart, savvy and action-ready to battle purely
human monsters now, like the person who killed a magician’s assistant,
live on stage. And she loves dogs, including a 160-pound rescue
wolf-wolfhound named Quicksilver. Louie’s cattitude is in for a challenge.


About the Author

Literary chameleon Carole Nelson Douglas didn’t like wimpy women in historical Gothics she read in college, so she wrote one to see if she could do better. By a fluke, she finished it 11 years later and it was taken to his NY publisher by Golden Age Hollywood screenwriter and director Garson Kanin. It sold. Off Carole went to explore writing in every genre she read, historical and contemporary mystery and romance, thriller, high and urban fantasy. She was the first woman to write a Sherlock Holmes spin-off series, also first to use a woman lead from the Canon, Irene Adler. Carole’s Good Night, Mr. Holmes was named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year and won mystery and romance awards. A genre-bending and blending character-driven writer, Carole never tires of exploring the galaxy of the human heart and condition, even through a cat’s eye-view. Maybe that especially.

P.S. Carole designed this cover.




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