Book Review: Rattlesnake Hill by Leslie Wheeler

Rattlesnake Hill
A Berkshire Hilltown Mystery #1
Leslie Wheeler
Encircle Publications, February 2018
ISBN 978-1-893035-81-2
Trade paperback

It’s autumn in the Berkshires, foliage-loving tourists have gone and hunting season is open. Kathryn Stinson arrives on a quest to discover the name of a girl in a photograph found in an old family album. The trail leads from California to the Berkshires. No one, including an elderly great-aunt, had apparently known who the girl was, but Kathryn is determined to find out. What she discovers is whole lot of dangerous secrets, including abuse, and even murder.

As a motivation to move Kathryn’s story to this place, the events seemed weak to me, and unfortunately, I didn’t find a single one of the characters sympathetic. Not even Kathryn. The story’s strong point is the atmospheric aura of the house Kathryn rented, and the woods and the hills surrounding it.

The characters are fully fleshed, the dialogue seems adequate. I wouldn’t say as the plot was full of surprises. Each one of the cast seemed capable of skulduggery.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, March 2018.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder, Four Furlongs and Hometown Homicide.