Discuss |8 Reasons Why Adults Should Read Young Adult Fiction

I do my best to convince skeptics to read Young Adult but Bentley at Book Bastion makes a really good case for it.

Book Bastion

Alternative title for baby-boomers: “sh*t a millennial book blogger says.” 
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Its inevitable that readers face a lot of scrutiny from the general public for our chosen hobby – especially from people who might not totally understand why we choose to read the books we read.

When I introduce myself as book blogger to someone who doesn’t read for fun, I get a lot of the standard questions, but the most popular is probably – What genres do you read/review? 

Those of you who know me well, know that fantasy and Young Adult fiction are my mainstays. They are the genres I return to time after time and will probably never get tired of. However, I’ve noticed that when you’re an adultin his 20-somethings,telling a non-reader that you like reading fiction written for teens and young adults, people often look at you like you have three heads. 

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I’ve even…

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