Yesterday Was National Walkout Day

I am so very proud of the students
across the US who are continuing
to fight for gun control and in memory
of all those children who have died
or been injured because our politicians
can’t find it in themselves to do
the right thing.

I believe in the second amendment
but I stand with the kids.

Never Again.
Enough Is Enough.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday Was National Walkout Day

  1. I completely agree, Lelia, but feel like Don Quixote. We are tilting not at windmills, but at AR-15s and at the political power of the gun manufacturers who plan to make a fresh “killing” by selling guns to teachers. How could an enlightened nation not have acted to stop this slaughter of innocents after Sandy Hook? And now Parkland. I hope there’s a new wave of 18-year-old voters out there who will go after the pro-NRA politicians.


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