Book Review: Double Up by Gretchen Archer

Double Up
A Davis Way Crime Caper #6
Gretchen Archer
Henery Press, March 2017
ISBN 978-1-63511-181-1
Trade Paperback

When does chick lit turn into new mommy lit? Davis Way Cole and her husband Bradley work and live at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. They are the parents of eight month old twin girls, Bexley and Quinn. Davis was the casino’s “lead super secret spy” for four years but since the birth of her twins hasn’t left the apartment, her days spent breastfeeding and dressing the girls in elaborate designer outfits, like “Baby Gucci capes with red ladybug patches over Baby Gucci jeans with Mini Mellissa red flats and red bow headbands.”

The couple’s world is rocked when they discover that a new casino, called “Blitz,” is built only three miles away, and is luring staff and customers away. Davis feels that she should have discovered the emergence of the rival sooner—she thought that the land would be used for a football stadium. If Bellissimo goes bust, Davis will no longer be a stay at home mom, and Bradley will be looking for another job.

Things can’t any worse, Davis thinks, until she opens the door one day to her ex-mother-in-law Bea Crawford. Bea, who once won a biscuits and gravy eating contest, is convinced that her husband Melvin is cheating on her, and wants Davis’ help to find out who Melvin is stepping out with. Bea is recruited as a corporate spy by Davis, to check out the new casino.

Subplots about the malfunctions of their smart apartment, an art collection, and the development of a computer game that deals with aviation only muddy the waters. Readers of the series’ previous five books may want to follow the characters for another book, but new readers may find it all too confusing.

Reviewed by Susan Belsky, November 2017.