To Be Precise…Or Not

Annie (younger daughter who shares my house) claims I’m spatially challenged, meaning I can look at an open area, say a parking space, and be totally wrong about whether I can fit my car in there. I can also look at a Christmas tree on the lot and think it won’t fit in my living room, knowing full well it’s a good two feet shorter than my ceiling. I resist agreeing with her but I have to admit that I don’t see spaces as well as I used to. Is that an age thing? I don’t know but I do know I didn’t use to be quite this bad about it.

So, tonight this phenomenon raised its ugly head with the simple task of putting shelf paper in some drawers. I mean, how hard could this be? Tape measure and scissors in hand, I set out to cut a measly 5 pieces of paper after carefully writing down the dimensions (having measured no less than four times) but I still couldn’t get it right and ended up with uncovered edges in every drawer. I can’t even use the excuse of not cutting straight lines because this paper has very helpful guide marks. Apparently even that aid, intended to allow the most inept person to lay shelf paper with aplomb, doesn’t apply to me.

Now, I ask you, when I want this:

Why do I get this?

Maybe I should just count my blessings that I only have a teensy bit of OCD or I’d really drive myself crazy 😉