Phase 3 Renovations Week 4—Moving Right Along at a Snail’s Pace

So this job that was supposed to take about 3 weeks has now approached
Week 5 but it’s my fault for choosing materials that had to be shipped in
from across the country. The first thing to arrive was the window trim.

My camera doesn’t do this justice at all but it’s a bright sea green and
Tyler, the
installer, has the patience of Job. He’ll need even more when
it’s time to do the grout.

Next came the oversize subway tile and, again, my camera doesn’t show the
colors well. The background is kind of an off white and the swirls are gray and
a sort of bronzy brown. The fixtures will be bronze to pick up that color…and
now we have another delay because the shipment was short by one box.

You’ll remember Giselle’s adventure with the hunky firemen
during the kitchen renovation last December, right?
We’ve kept her and Holly closed up in my bedroom during the festivities
but, one day, she escaped and was quite sure no one would notice 😉

The tile is looking good but that last box won’t arrive till next week while
we’re on a trip to Kentucky to visit Laura so work will pick up again in
about 10 days. The vanity should be ready about that time, I hope.

If you’re thinking the window looks off center, you would be right. I’ve
always wondered why the builder did that way back in 1962
but it is what it is and I’m not OCD enough to care!

And, finally, having nothing to do with the bathroom, I had a few pieces
of furniture hauled away, including a large china cabinet. We found this
between the cabinet and the wall and it must have been there at least 15
years. This is my grandson, Drew, who’s about to turn 24 😉

7 thoughts on “Phase 3 Renovations Week 4—Moving Right Along at a Snail’s Pace

  1. Love the pictures of your renovation, and especially the cats. You’re doing a terrific job, It’s going to be lovely. Where did you get the blue and white wing back? That one really got my attention as blue and white just about anything is something I love, and wing back chairs, Windser chairs, anything with Queen Anne legs, beg me to take them home,
    Kathleen Delaney


  2. It all looks lovely and I can’t wait to see when it’s all done. I love decorating and renovating. My brother is coming down in November and looking to buy a fixer upper. Can’t wait!


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