Book Review: Time Reavers by Jacob Holo


Title: Time Reavers
Series: Time Reavers #1
Author: Jacob Holo
Narrator: Tess Irondale
Publication Date: July 13, 2017


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Time Reavers
Time Reavers #1
Jacob Holo
Narrated by Tess Irondale
Holo Writing, July 2017
Downloaded Unabridged Audiobook

From the author—

The monsters are real, and time is their weapon.

Fed up with bad teachers and daily fights with her sister, 16-year-old Nicole Taylor yearns for something better. Sadly, she’s in for a letdown, because the world ends next week.

Nicole discovers she has a rare gift. She can bend time around her and even stop it completely. With her powers awakening, she must face the Reavers: horrific killing machines that exist outside our time.

Plagued with nightmares and ambushed by monsters at every turn, Nicole has one chance to stop their genocidal invasion. With help from a chain-smoking pyrokinetic, a neurotic sword-wielding assassin, and an icy goth chick with a crossbow, she may stand a chance.

But the Reavers are tireless foes, and time is on their side.

The very first thing that came to mind when I started this audiobook was that Tess Irondale is one heck of a narrator. She had a rocking good story to work with but she goes way above and beyond most narrators. I have my favorites and, consistently, they all do terrific voices, distinctively and with energy and clear understanding of the characters. Ms. Irondale takes it a step further by doing amazing vocalization of other sounds; in this case, the story is full of roars and screeches and piercing screams and she does the best job with such sounds I’ve ever heard. I wonder if she had a sore throat after each recording session.

Now, as for the story, kudos to Mr. Holo who, first of all, seems to have the inside track on how a teenaged girl thinks and behaves. Nicole is refreshing and about as normal as she can be in her present circumstances. Daniel makes a nifty sidekick, if you will, and the other players are all just as interesting and appealing. And the plot? Well, put simply, these kids have to fight roving hordes of bugs. Bugs? Yes, bugs, the metallic, highly dangerous sort of insects that can freeze time and there’s literally something happening  in every chapter, so rapidly that there’s no time to get a real sense of place. That’s a little disconcerting but it somehow works in this tale, this fight for survival in which Nicole has discovered her power to manipulate time.

Time Reavers was just what I needed on a sleepy kind of day to wake me up and I thoroughly enjoyed this band of Tao guards as they fought to save the world, all with a snarky sense of humor. I do hope to see more of them in the not-too-distant future.

Reviewed by Lelia Taylor, September 2017.


About the Author

Jacob Holo is a former-Ohioan, former-Michigander living in sunny South Carolina.  He describes himself as a writer, gamer, hobbyist, and engineer.  Jacob started writing when his parents bought that “new” IBM 286 desktop back in the 80s.  Remember those?  He’s been writing ever since.

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About the Narrator

Tess​ Irondale​ is a professional audiobook narrator and voice actress, credited with bringing ​nearly ​5​0 titles to life. ​She ​specializes ​in ​Fantasy, Adventure, and Erotica, although ​her​ work ​has covered​ nearly every genre including Young Adult, Humor, Spirituality, ​LGBTQ, Sci-Fi, Self Help and ​Mystery​. ​She is on Audible’s in-house voice roster, and ​also works directly with authors through ACX.​ When not in the recording booth, she can be found hiking in the woods or hunkered over a crossword puzzle.



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After discovering her ability to manipulate time, Nicole must fight
otherworldly insects preparing to attack the human world. Holo’s
(The Dragons of Jupiter, 2013) novel begins in a hectic rush, as
teenage Nicole finds herself seemingly the only moving person in a
world suddenly frozen in time…chapters rarely pass without a big,
life-or-death battle, which leaves the novel in a nearly
continuous intense state…—Kirkus Reviews


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