Phase 3 Renovations Week 1—Here We Go Again

This time, we’re doing the upstairs hall bathroom (mine but
not a master)—long-awaited but dreaded at the same time
because it means I have to traipse up and down stairs to
have access to a bathroom but it is what it is 😉

The tear down went really quickly. We’re gutting the whole thing so I
guess that makes it easier, not having to be as careful about preserving things.

Those of you who followed along with the kitchen renovations will remember
Giselle, the cat who had to be rescued from the walls by the kitty-loving
hunky firemen, so you’ll understand why we keep the door closed. This is
precisely the kind of hole in the wall she loves, wretched cat 😉

While all this is going on, other folks are taking care of my large dead
tree. Very large, very dead, looming over my bedroom.

I bet the neighbors are loving the sight of my front porch 😉

And, apropos of nothing but still really cool, I found this lady
on my car at the drugstore right before Labor Day. I know they’re
heartless maneaters but I can’t help thinking they’re nifty critters,
They’re supposed to bring good luck if they land on you but my
car is quite close enough, thank you very much!