Book Blitz: State of Hope by Summer Lane

Title: State of Hope
Series: Collapse #10

Author: Summer Lane
Publication Date: June 9, 2017
Genres: Science Fiction,
Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian



This is it.

Cassidy Hart and her comrades have returned to their home:
California, the final battlefield in the fight against the global
terror, Omega. Commander Chris Young is in critical condition,
the United States Navy has acquired new weapons, and the
militias have just made a discovery that could change everything.

Faced with tragedy, heartbreak, and destruction,
Cassidy is tempted to give up.

But she is a fighter. Defeat is not in her blood.

When confronted with the possibility of resurrecting the
leadership of the United States of America, she will do
anything to make the dream of stability a reality. She and
Lieutenant Uriah True, along with the legendary strike team,
the Angels of Death, undertake a dangerous and outrageous
mission, unlike anything they have ever attempted. They will
find themselves in the very epicenter of Omega’s stronghold.

Yet doubt remains. No one can be trusted in this dark new
world, and their hope may not be as black and white as it seems.
Disappointment and rejection cloud Cassidy’s judgment.

Friends will be lost. Tears will be shed. Sacrifices beyond the
imagination will be made. The grim reality and bitter
destruction of war will inflict one final sucker punch. The
militias desperately attempt to hold their ground, and the
Freedom Fighters will do everything they can to destroy the
greatest evil this world has ever known. The apocalypse has taken
everything from Cassidy, but she will not stop until her heart
ceases to beat, and until there is no breath left in her body.

She holds onto hopehope of a future,
hope of victory, and hope of love.

There is no going back. It all ends here.

Are you prepared?


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An Excerpt from State of Hope

“Banner and Beckham,” Vera drawls. “Sounds like a boyband.”

I adjust the collar on my black jacket, smoothing the white shirt underneath.

“Do I look neat enough?” I ask.

“You look like an apocalyptic militia commander,” Vera responds. “I don’t think they’re going to care how you look. How any of us look.”

“I have a feeling they will.”

“They’re here!” Andrew calls from downstairs.

I check my appearance in the mirror. All things considered, I don’t look that bad. At least I’m showered. At least I’m not covered in ash.

Vera and I head downstairs, and a guard out front is waiting in a Humvee to take us to the president’s house. Uriah is waiting outside, and he gives me a frustrated look.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, zipping my jacket.

“This car is for you,” he says.

“I don’t understand.”

“Just for you. Apparently, President Banner and General Beckham don’t want to meet with all of us.” He pauses. “Just you.”

I look at the driver.

“Are those your orders?” I ask.

“Yes, ma’am,” he responds.

I curse.

“I’m not going without the rest of the team,” I say.

“You should,” Father Kareem interjects. “You may learn something valuable.”

“Like what?”

He raises his hands as if to say, Don’t ask me. Just go and find out.

A nervous lump settles in my throat.

“I don’t want to go alone,” I whisper to Vera.

“I know,” she says, sympathetically. “But maybe you should. See what they want.”

I purse my lips, angry at the sudden turn of events.

“All right,” I snap. “If that’s the way they want it…”

“See you later,” Vera says.

I lock eyes with Uriah, and he nods.

I get in the backseat of the car.

I go on alone.

Copyright 2017 – All Rights Reserved


About the Author

Summer Lane is the #1 bestselling author of the national smash-hit books of the Collapse Series, Zero Trilogy, Bravo Saga, Collapse: The Illustrated Guide, and Unbreakable SEAL. She owns Writing Belle Publishing, and is also an extensively experienced journalist and creative writing teacher. Summer operates Writing Belle, an online magazine where she has worked with hundreds of authors from around the world and helps bring exposure to their work. Summer takes great pride in being an entrepreneur, creative spirit and business owner.

Summer lives in the Central Valley of California with her husband, Scott (who can fix anything!), and their German Shepherd, a sweet girl named Kona. Summer loves to travel, read and cook. She uses the experiences of her traveling adventures as inspiration for her books. Some of her favorite places in the world include the forest (any forest, anywhere!), Hawaii (the tropical setting is beautiful!) and Southern California (so many story possibilities!).

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