Romance and Suspense; Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Award-winning author Patricia Sargeant writes romantic suspense and contemporary romances. She also writes cozy mysteries as Olivia Matthews. Her romantic suspense novels feature ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Her contemporary romances reveal characters struggling to overcome their inner demons. Her cozy mysteries feature an amateur sleuth Catholic sister. In addition to reading, Patricia’s hobbies include music, jogging, hiking, movies and pizza. Raised in New York City, Patricia now lives in Ohio with her husband. You can find her on the net at

I’ve reissued my very first published novel, You Belong to Me, in ebook format. It’s available on, and Kobo. Hopefully, iTunes, too, if I ever hear back from This, as you can imagine, is a very exciting time for me. A mountain has been climbed. A challenge has been accepted. The Big Girl Pants are on.

You Belong to Me is a romantic suspense that reunites a divorced couple in a race to unmask a serial killer. The ex-wife/heroine is the author of a successful sci-fi series. She’s sold the film rights of the first book in her series to her ex-husband’s production company, not realizing that one of her fans is adamantly opposed to having the book turned into a movie. I’ve always likened the villain to a Stephen King fan who’s endured one too many botched film adaptations of Stephen King’s wonderful books and now he’s at the end of his rope. He’s had enough. But the villain’s psychology will have to wait for another blog post. For now, I want to wax poetic on my love of the romantic suspense subgenre.

I love romance and I love suspense. Together they’re a powerful combination. Like chocolate and peanut butter. I hate to reduce everything to food analogies, but there you have it. Two great things that just taste great together. A well-written suspense keeps readers in the story. At the heart of that story is the character’s motivation. What is the ultimate motivation? Love. Love of family, friends and country. Love compels you to reach inside of yourself and find the hero within. That’s a universal truth that connects readers and characters. Make me care about your characters and I’ll finish your story. Would you agree?

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have returned to my romantic suspense roots. I got out of the game when my publisher said the market for these books had tanked. I didn’t want to believe them, first, because I knew a lot of readers who were still enjoying the subgenre. Second, because I had more romantic suspense stories to tell.

Thanks for letting me share. Happy reading!