A Couple or Three Things

I’m not one to be especially active in political doings but sometimes
you have to speak your piece, you know? We’ve had this sign in our
front yard for about 6 weeks and we’re seeing them more and more
around town. It’s just a quiet way of saying “Welcome!”



I’m looking for one or two US reviewers for this blog, Buried
Under Books . I can’t pay but will send ARCs and finished
books (sometimes older), primarily mysteries, science fiction,
fantasy, darkfantasy/horror, general fiction and comfort
fiction. The books I send will be print and/or ebook (epub or
pdf, not mobi) depending on your preference. If you think
you might be interested, please contact me at
cncbooks1@gmail.com and I’ll provide more details.



11 thoughts on “A Couple or Three Things

  1. There are no welcome signs on my lawn that tell people they are gladly accepted because I dabble in irony and cannot risk it. I just smile about once a month or so, and speak with everyone when I can do it without snarling and gnashing my teeth. That is enough.
    Just speak the mexican and/or muslim language to your neighbors? They probably can’t comprehend your dicey mexican and/or muslim grammar, but if you know the languages, just engage them for a yarn by’.

    Take the sign down and just talk to people in the neighborhood. Talk is cheaper.

    Criminals will put you on a list of weak/passive potential clients who got money to make up signifyin’ signs:

    1. Have the conversations, make the effort to connect to everyone in speech
    2. Think about security and lose the sign as it is gauche and is a wind hazard

    I’m not one to be especially active in political doings either but when I do, I usually make a supreme balls of it and am asked to smarten up.

    I am a satirist who worships cats and hopes for a cat theocracy, and a cat cartel to dominate American policy by 2020.


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