Times Have Changed—and a Giveaway!

Dorothy H. HayesDorothy Hayes, a staff writer for local Connecticut newspapers for five years, received an honorary award for her in-depth series on Vietnam Veterans from the Society of Professional Journalists. Prior to that she was a Language Arts teacher. A staff writer for a national animal protection organization, for six years, she wrote her first novel, Animal Instinct, in 2006. Dorothy lives in Stamford, Connecticut with her husband, Arthur. She also raised four children, and is the mother-in-law to three, grandmother to fourteen and great-grandmother to Bella.

Her other books in the Carol Rossi Mystery Series are: Murder at the P&Z, 2013 and Broken Window, 2015. Her short story, “Back from the War”, was published by Mysterical-E, December 2016.

She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime-Tri-State Chapter, and Mystery Writers of American. Visit her at dorothyhayes.com.

When I was a kid, I had a dream, I wanted four children and to write books.

I’ve been blessed with both. A have a grown son and three daughters. With my latest book, Keys to Nowhere, I’ll have four published books.

Life seems normal with my children around me.

I was a stay at home mom and they were my life for twenty years. I think back on those years with my four babies as the blossoming spring of my life. I was twenty-seven. Family surrounded us; we were lucky for we had loving mothers, fathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides.

Nobody moved away in those days.

It was my former husband and I that were the first of our family to move from the Northeast when we ventured to the Southwest. It was a corporate ladder move to Tucson, Arizona. We stayed for six and a half years. With the next corporate move, we returned to the Northeast, to Connecticut, but my son, then a college student, refused to leave. He had fallen in love with Arizona in those formative years and Arizona was home.

I hadn’t known, however, I often tell him, that people lose children along the corporate path, I would have said no to the original move. But my son still sings the praises of Arizona and we all love our visits to the desert paradise.

My children are wedded to wonderful mates.

Years ago, when they were just married, my three daughters lived in Connecticut. Their children, ten all together, were born here and I felt as if I had my babies back and more, I was blessed to be present at the hospital when they were born. Lots of family gatherings followed and we supported the new moms and dads and their newborns. So for years, we had ten grandchildren nearby. By then I was working as a writer for local newspapers; that was after the divorce and I was remarried to my husband, who is also a writer and supports me as a novelist.

My Ohio daughter visits often, thank heavens, and my daughter’s children in South Carolina come back home to visit grandma where, “nothing ever changes.” My daughter and family in Manhattan keep me happy year round on birthdays and holidays and until we’re all together again. We gathered together four times this year for various occasions. In the meantime, technology keeps me in touch with all of them, a text here and there exchanging expressions of love.

Did I mention that we have fourteen grandchildren in all?

We have a great granddaughter?

Did I mention that my kids and grandkids write book reviews and hold book-signing parties for me?

Two of my daughters are my beta readers?

Life is good.

Although, like a mama bear, I’d love to have all my children nearby, where I can sigh with contentment at the sight of them for life seems to make the most sense when I’m in their presence for they are the fruit of my life.

keys-to-nowhereBut times have changed.

On a day-to-day basis we all have to live our own lives and they are not here. So I had a choice, I could spend my days in longing for these precious beings, waiting to see them again, or I could have a full life in between our incredible visits.

I chose the latter.

When I was a kid, I had a dream—I was going to write books and I was going to have four children. I was blessed with both. Now my dream is to write my next book, sing my heart out in my church choir, all with the full knowledge that my sweet family members are in the midst of seeking their dreams and they will be with me again, maybe not everyday, but always in my heart and for our next visit.


To enter the drawing for a print copy
of Keys to Nowhere by Dorothy Hayes
just leave a comment below. The
name will be drawn on
Friday night, February 3rd. This
is open to residents of the US.


21 thoughts on “Times Have Changed—and a Giveaway!

  1. How different our lives were. I moved 12 times in the first six years of marriage, to 3 different states. But we both had the same dream — home, family, books.
    Happy writing.


    • You are so welcome. It’s a joy to think of readers reading my books. I hope troubles can be forgotten for a little while and it’s an adventure.


  2. Dorothy; you have a charmed life! Four children and fourteen grandchildren! Four books, too, and I can’t think of two better states to live: AZ and CT. We have many things in common, too; I have always wanted to be a writer and one of my works ( in progress) focuses on the War in SE Asia. I would Love to win a copy of your book, too, and maybe a bit of your pluck ( can that be won)?


    • Yes, pluck can definitely be won. Haha! All you have to do is want it! Good luck with your writing, it seems a heart felt pursuit. I’d love to read that book.


  3. What a wonderful and beautiful post today. It resonated with me since children, family and their importance is so precious and special. Thanks for your lovely giveaway.


    • Ellie, talking about my family is my favorite subject. I contend that I’m a different person when I’m with my children. I get such satisfaction just looking at them. They don’t even have to say anything, I’m full of contentment. Thanks for the lovely comment.


  4. How lucky you are to have such a close, extended and loving family. That is what matters in life. Your writing sounds captivating. It was so interesting to learn about your life and your writing.


    • Thanks for your comment, Anne. Hopefully, you’ll find my books adventuresome, that’s my goal, to take the reader on a trip, a little break from daily challenges and problems.


  5. Great post. We have two daughters, one close, one in New York and one granddaughter who is near enough that my wife takes care of her every Monday. I agree that it’s wonderful to be able to recognize the worth of balance-it’s like having most of both worlds.


    • So true, what you said about balance. i’m happy to hear that you have a grandchild to enjoy that lives close by. I’m counting my blessings for emails, and mainly text messages that keep us all connected since many of us live in different parts of the country. Tthank goodness we get together several times a year. Thanks of your comment.


    • Hi Joyce, they are all grown up, and thank goodness we’re in touch through electronics. Many of them live far from me. But the relationship we built holds firm today. Lots of love going both way. Thanks for the comment.


  6. Pearl, thank you for that comment. I can’t agree more about family. I also have great friends, I don’t know what I’d do without them. If you win, I hope you enjoy Keys to Nowhere, it’s an adventure like all my books. I try to take the reader on a trip, have a little fun. It’s great fun writing them.


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