Happy Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!


My contractor promised we’d have a working kitchen
by the end of the day on the 23rd and he came through.
All the appliances are in but there are things still to be
done like re-cutting and aligning a couple of drawers,
adding the backsplash, giving the trim a second coat
of paint and tweaking the plumbing and electrical.



Holly and Giselle can’t figure out what this strange and
wonderful thing called a dishwasher could be but it makes
some pretty interesting noises (and it’s the quietest
dishwasher I’ve ever come across).


My older daughter, Laura, also came in on Friday from
Kentucky and the three of us went to see the GardenFest
of Lights: Living Color at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.




My favorite display was this bunch of balloon shapes that
continuously changed colors. If we hadn’t been so cold, I
could have sat and watched it for a long time.

lewis-ginter-2016-4     lewis-ginter-2016-6



Grandson Drew came in late on Christmas Eve afternoon
and, after visiting some relatives that evening, we had a
lovely Christmas Day along with the three cats and one dog.
Holly curled up with Drew while Giselle suffered stoically
in her Christmas sweater. This was a fitting consequence
after her exploits with the hole in the wall and the
firemen, don’t you think?  😉



Next up…a finished kitchen!