Phase 2 Renovations Week 2—Done!

So, after all the excitement last week involving
firemen and a cat, the wretched beastie refused
to learn her lesson. Giselle apparently thought
that was way too much fun—and who can resist
being cuddled by three lovely firemen—so
she was determined to climb in the hole again.
We had to find creative ways to keep her out.


And to block the doorway that has no door, we
had to resort to the box holding the cook top
and our re-purposed nail and screw rack aka
spice rack plus a sheet of plastic taped to the trim.


In the meantime, we have paint on the walls, deep
teal and a shade called Ice Cube that has a very
slight tint reflected by the teal, and the floor is in,
a dark swirly gray.


The shiny new appliances arrived from Sears but, uh oh,
the refrigerator wouldn’t fit through the doorways so all
the doors and drawers are sitting around in my living room
till the fridge can be installed and pieces parts put back together.

kitchen-renovations-week-2-7        kitchen-renovations-week-2-8

A lot of the cabinet work got done.

kitchen-renovations-week-2-12        kitchen-renovations-week-2-14

And the other miscreant cat, Holly, is relaxing under
the tree while Giselle contemplates life in a box…if
she can’t have her hole in the wall 😆



Next up—add trim, finish the cabinetry, get the quartz
counters in and install the appliances, all by the end of
the day Friday, (backsplash and finishing touches to
come after Christmas). Our contractor has promised we’ll
have a working kitchen by Friday night and it looks like we
might make it, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise 😉