Spotlight on Old River by Clyde Linsley



Title: Old River
Author: Clyde Linsley
Publisher: Wildside Press
Publication Date: August 12, 2015
Genres: Mystery, Police Procedural



Sheriff John Sprenkel has only lived in Concordia Parish,
Louisiana for six years and has never had to investigate
a murder. . . until now. The badly beaten body of a young
woman dumped beside the banks of the Mississippi River
offers few clues, but when he searches for answers, all he
finds are more questions. Was the young woman Harriet
Van Dorn, graduate student in Natchez, Mississippi, or
Madeleine D’Anjou, streetwalker in New Orleans? Sprenkel
isn’t the only person who wants to find the truth. Jill Winston,
Harriet’s roommate, finds the investigation more compelling
than her graduate work, and is intrigued by hard-working
Sheriff Sprenkel. But their investigations lead to a dangerous
plot dreamed up by a madman-one that could lead to disaster
for everyone living along the Mississippi River!



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clyde-linsleyClyde Linsley was born 1942 in Little Rock, Arkansas. He graduated from Little Rock Central High School in 1960 (at the height of the desegregation controversy). Linsley attended Little Rock University (one year), then transferred to the University of Missouri. There, he received a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the Missouri School of Journalism in 1964. That was followed by two years of graduate study in theology and social ethics at Colgate Rochester Divinity School where he didn’t get a degree but gained interesting knowledge and significant expenses and considered it worth every penny.

After school, he worked on state and national political campaigns, two presidential inaugurations, and wrote radio news for a small New Hampshire broadcaster. He was also a reporter for a (now defunct) daily newspaper, a freelance writer and a mystery novelist. Clyde is married with three offspring (now adults) and lives with his wife in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.


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