Phase 2 Renovations Week 1—And So It Begins!


Will we have a working kitchen
in time for Christmas? Enquiring
minds want to know…


5 thoughts on “Phase 2 Renovations Week 1—And So It Begins!

  1. I do hope it’s faster than our kitchen reno–we had the contractor from hell and though he was supposed to be done in time for me to cook each night he never was and we had to go out to eat. He was often shirtless and would show up in my office and scare me because I didn’t know he’d arrived–alway hours late.


  2. I had back surgery during our kitchen reno and was confined to a hospital bed near the kitchen. I could hear the workmen utter a string or profanity followed by, “Do you think they’ll notice?” Watch those guys.


  3. Actually, my contractor is golden 😉 He’s done 5 jobs in 2 houses for us before this one so I know his strengths and weaknesses and I know he’s reliable. As for timing, the goal is to have a working kitchen by Christmas but finishing touches will come after. In the meantime, the toaster oven and microwave are our best friends!


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