5 thoughts on “It’s Here…Again

  1. That could be a picture of Maggie, my part Italian Greyhound. Shes gets up with me in the morning, but not until she hears the refigerator door open. Then she comes in to eat, goes outside, then goes back to bed. That is where she is now. And, it doesn’t have to be a Monday.


  2. Did this topic hit home! I went into work early this morning because we are so busy hiring like crazy (I’m in HR, which I’ve tried to get out of for 40+ years). Anyway, the long & the short of it, is I had an e-mail that we’d need to hire the biggest amount of employees I’ve hired since I lived in California and worked at a different company over 10 years ago. This will drown out my holiday season & death to my poor 2nd book. Then again, I always say, I’m lucky to be employed at my age and I mean it.


    • Boy do I understand what you’re saying, Linda. I feel the same way, and I am run down and ready to make major changes in my life; although I retired in 2015 from teaching, I still work online, full-time, and on week ends. BTW, I would love to have your website. I have attempted to search for it because I am interested to see what you have written.


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