Book Review: The Question of the Felonious Friend by E.J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen—and a Giveaway!

the-question-of-the-felonious-friendThe Question of the Felonious Friend
An Asperger’s Mystery #3
E.J. Copperman/Jeff Cohen
Midnight Ink Books, September 2016
ISBN: 978-0-7387-4351-6
Trade Paperback

Samuel Hoenig has opened a business where he, along with his partner, Ms. Washburn, find answers to questions their clients are not able to discover on their own. A young man named Tyler Clayton, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, has come to him with a question, and now Samuel is faced with a moral question of his own. Can he report back to his client with an objective answer? Tyler, unsure of his own perceptions, wants to know if a store clerk in a convenience store is his friend. Samuel, himself contending with Asperger’s, is intrigued with the question and resolves to find out. Unfortunately, before he can bring the case to a satisfactory close, the store clerk is murdered and, according to Tyler himself,Tyler is the killer. Why?

The story is a mystery as to motive. It also explores friendship and loyalty. Most interesting to me, however, is the depiction of Asperger’s Syndrome. As one who didn’t know much about it, the story opened this reader’s eyes and I enjoyed the bit of information I gained.

In the previous books I’ve read by the author, Jeff Cohen/E.J.Copperman, there’s been a major element of humor. This book lacks that, although there are moments that drift toward being funny, seemingly by accident. In accounting for the crime, Samuel’s challenge is understanding the personalities of the characters, even as his total objectivity leads him through a difficult maze.

I won’t say this is a great book, but it did prove interesting, not only in the exploration of Asperger’s, but in the mystery. Mr. Cohen is a very good writer who knows how to entertain.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, October 2016.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder and Four Furlongs.


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