The Most Wonderful, Fabulous News

Under normal circumstances, Sunny Frazier would be here today with her regularly scheduled guest blog but these are not normal circumstances. Sunny’s been on the kidney transplant list for quite a while, living with dialysis while she waited, and at last she got her brand new kidney!!

Sunny will be living near the hospital in Portland, Oregon, for a couple of months before she can go home to California but she’s doing great. Her email access is not good but she’d love to hear from people through Facebook — —or through the mail (remember that oldfashioned way of communicating?)—

V. Frazier (my name is Virginia, I seldom use it)
Room 611
1710 N.E. Multnomah St.
Portland, OR 97232

In the meantime, I’m wishing all the best for Sunny 😉