Renovations Week 4—Done and Almost Finished!

The guys have made lots of progress in the past
seven or eight days. The bathroom started out like this:

Renovations New Bathroom

And now we have tile with accent and the new gray floor 😉

Renovations Bathroom Floor

Meanwhile, the new laundry room has progressed from this:

Renovations New Laundry Room

To this (but no hookups yet):

Renovations Washer and Dryer Pre-Hookup

And Annie has her new floor, same as in the laundry room.

Renovations Anne's Room Floor

Meanwhile, furry critter nerves are getting
kind of frayed from so much togetherness but…

Trixie spends much of her time in the cat tower…

Renovations Trixie

…when she’s not playing mindgames with Giselle and Holly
who are hiding under the chair from the bully.

Renovations Trixie the Bully

But Giselle and Holly have their own time in the tower…

Renovations Holly and Giselle

…and snuggling with one or both of us on the sofa.

Renovations Holly and Giselle 2

While Rosie pretends she’s a cat and steals a cuddle with Giselle.

Renovations Giselle and Rosie

Best of all, the end is in sight!

4 thoughts on “Renovations Week 4—Done and Almost Finished!

  1. Lelia,Thanks for sharing your reno experience. Your house looks great. I know you will be thrilled when this is all over. SueSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


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