A Prince of a Client

Gerrie Ferris Finger 4Retired journalist for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution,Gerrie Ferris Finger won the 2009 St. Martin’s Press/Malice Domestic Best First Traditional Mystery Novel for The End Game. The Last Temptation is the second in the Moriah Dru/Richard Lake series. She lives on the coast of Georgia with her husband and standard poodle, Bogey.





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Hi, Lelia, thanks for inviting me to talk about my new novel, American Nights.

One of the persistent questions we authors get from readers is where do you get your ideas? This blog post answers the question regards my new release American Nights.

I was in the dentist’s office and had left my notebook in my car. I usually am reading a novel and had planned to take up where I left off while waiting to be called to the chair. So, not having access to the cloud, and not wanting to traipse to my car, I picked up a magazine about celebrities and their doings.

Thumbing through the stories, I came to a list called something like “The Ten Most Handsome Men in the World.” Most were actors. Among them was Adam Rodriguez, an actor I recognized from “CSI Miami.” Prince Harry of England was an exception. I don’t know about handsome, but I have to say he was appealing, smiling and holding a dog.

The one who caught my eye was a Saudi Arabian prince. His image remained with me and when it came time to write the sixth book in the Moriah Dru/Richard Lake series my fingers started the story of American Nights.

Everything about the story is fiction, including the prince’s name and the names of the royal family. They are not the House of Saud in my books.

A short synopsis:

“Saudi Arabian prince, Husam al Saliba, hires child-finder Moriah Dru to find his missing wife, Reeve and daughter, Shahrazad.

The inquiry begins with Husam tells Dru of falling in love with Reeve, of turning his back on his ascendancy to the Saudi power structure for the woman he loves. He talks of his king’s disapproval of him marrying and siring an infidel.

But there are cracks in his story. At times he seems to long to return to the good graces of the royal family and marry cousin Aya and be an heir to kingship. Sometimes Dru thinks she’s fallen into a fairy tale, since the prince is fond of telling tales from the Arabian Nights.

American NightsHer search for mother and child had just begun when Reeve’s parents, Lowell and Donna Cresley were killed. They hated their prince son-in-law for fear of losing their grandchild to the land of his ancestors and for a generally racist attitude. The prince is immediately suspected when the Atlanta police, in the person of Dru’s lover Lt. Richard Lake, come into the case.

It’s soon evident infidelity abounds and everyone has something dreadful to hide.

Release date: Aug 17



Thanks and Happy Reading!

Gerrie Ferris Finger