Renovations Week 3—Painful But Done

So, things were going along okay this past week.

Renovations New Laundry Room

The new laundry/workroom is taking shape.

Renovations Bathtub

And the new tub is in (this bathroom used to
have a smallish shower stall).


The subcontracted drywall/painting crew has
proven to be a problem, first because Annie had to
tell them to leave when it seemed like they were never
going to wrap up on their first day. Then, on their second
day, disaster struck but we didn’t know it till the next morning.

We had heard a loud noise that sounded like a crash but there
were several people downstairs and they didn’t react in any way
so we just assumed it was part of the overall unbelievable
noise that’s been almost a daily trial.

That was Thursday. On Friday morning, we discovered first
that they hadn’t covered more than a very few pieces of
furniture so the credenza and all other wood pieces now
look like this thanks to all the drywall and sanding dust:

Renovation Damage 3

But it got worse. It seems that loud noise was the crashing of
the hutch when they either tried to separate it from the
credenza or tried to move the whole thing and didn’t know what
they were doing. So the hutch now looks like this:

Renovation Damage 2

And my grandmother’s vase, probably 100 years old if not more,
which was well-protected from potential damage (we thought), is
going to have to go to a restoration company.

Renovation Damage 1

You know what? Accidents happen and we certainly don’t
think they did this on purpose but they didn’t come
and tell us, did nothing but continue on with their
work, and apparently didn’t even tell their boss. When
I reported all this to our general contractor, he was shocked
and said he’s never had a problem with this sub before. My
guess is this particular crew isn’t the usual one and the GC
is going to do what he can to make things right but….

Hopefully, next week will be better 😉