Renovations Week 2—Done!

Renovations Bathroom Tearout

The entire downstairs has been gutted except for the den walls and
floor and the bedroom walls. This is what used to be the shower.

Renovations Laundry Room Tearout Week 2

The remains of the laundry room.

Renovations Bathroom Frame Week 2

And this is the frame of the expanded bathroom.


Tree Stump Driveway 071916 Storm

Just before the renovations started, we had a wild thunderstorm
that took out three very large treetops in my yard so we’re
also having tree work done. This is what’s left of a twin trunk
tree in the driveway, stump not yet ground.

Tree Stump Mulberry 071916 Storm

The remains of one of my favorite trees, a mulberry that
wasn’t damaged but had been living on borrowed time
because of its drastic lean caused by a neighboring twin
oak. Now it’s just a stump surrounded by ivy.

Mulberry Tree 080116 Before Cutdown

My late lamented mulberry which happened to be a trash tree.
It grew out of the remains of an oak that we lost in another storm
years ago and became one of the prettiest trees in the yard. Sniff 😦


5 thoughts on “Renovations Week 2—Done!

  1. Nice green pretty place to live. I always dread renovations and avoid them about any way I kind. The outcome is normally well worth it, but the effort to get there just plain nerve racking to me. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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