Cover Reveal: The Things We Said Today by Lise McClendon—and a Giveaway!

The Things We Said Today


Title: The Things We Said Today
Series: A Bennett Sisters Novel #3

Author: Lise McClendon
Publication Date: August 15, 2016

Genres: Mystery, Suspense, Women’s Fiction



Somebody’s getting married — or are they?
The whole Bennett clan travels to Scotland for one
sister’s wedding. That is enough of a stressor but then
the skies over Scotland do what they do best — get nasty.
In this third novel featuring the five lawyer sisters
(after Blackbird Fly and The Girl in the Empty Dress,
plus the latest, the novella, Give Him the Ooh-la-la) all
the family dynamics come into play: jealousy, intrigue,
bad behavior, and, yes, some pretty decent behavior. Will
Merle, the middle sister, the tent pole, be able to calm
the waters, rally the troops, and get a sister hitched?
Will the sister change her mind? Will the rogue
Frenchman (or two) get the sister they desire?
All will be revealed
August 15
Five sisters named Bennett… Wait. Five Bennett
sisters, like that Jane Austen classic? Why, yes. Except
these are all lawyers and grown up, married, widowed,
and divorced. Not looking for husbands to save them,
thank you very much. I did have some fun in this novel,
referencing the bad behavior of certain Pride and Prejudice 
characters, as well as riffing on the gothic novel with a
creepy old country house, a massive rainstorm, and a
mysterious death. I hope you have as much
fun with it as I did.   — Lise McClendon


About the Author

Lise McClendonLise McClendon writes mysteries and thrillers, and women’s suspense. The Bennett Sisters Novels are women’s suspense, featuring a little romance, a little intrigue, and the family dynamics of five sisters who are all lawyers. The series began with Blackbird Fly, the story of the middle sister, Merle, whose husband leaves her a little stone house in France. The restoration of the house, and of Merle’s life, takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery with wine, secrets, and a sexy roofer.
The second book, from 2014, is The Girl in the Empty Dress. It follows the sisters through France on a walking tour that goes off track when the sixth wheel, a friend of one sister, tries to save an injured dog they find by the road.
And now, the third full-length novel is almost here! The Things We Said Today takes the Bennett sisters to Scotland for one sister’s wedding. Some events take place is in southwest France and Paris, following Merle and Pascal and one wayward sister intent on ‘doing a Lydia’ like the youngest in Pride and Prejudice.
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will be released on August 15.
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It’s a week the whole family has been anticipating for
years. The Bennett sisters travel to Scotland for oldest
sister Annie’s wedding to a handsome Scot, taking
over his family hunting lodge in the Highlands for a
week. But is Annie, fourteen years older than her groom,
ready to give up her independence in her middle 50s?
This is just one of the obstacles to the general happiness
in a week with a torrential rainstorm, a recalcitrant
housekeeper, a sister who tipples, and another who
chases after a sketchy Frenchman. Will Merle accept
Pascal’s invitation to go back to France with him? So many
questions, so many sisters. How will they sort it all out?
Find out in The Things We Said Today, the third full-length
Bennett Sisters novel , following up on the events
of the novella,
Give Him the Ooh-la-la.


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