Cover Reveal: Cat in an Alphabet Endgame by Carole Nelson Douglas

Cat in an Alphabet Endgame


Title: Cat in an Alphabet Endgame
Series: A Midnight Louie Mystery #28
Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
Publication Date: August 23, 2016
Genres: Mystery, Cozy Noir, Private Investigator




In the twenty-eighth Midnight Louie mystery, the
hardboiled feline PI must find the pot of gold at the
end of the IRA Irish treasure hunt. Then he must don
hated white tie and tails to play Ring Bearer for the
wedding of PR powerhouse, amateur sleuth and Louie’s
faithful roommate, Temple Barr. Will syndicated  radio
counselor and ex-priest Matt Devine’s inside track lose
out to the return of that wily dark horse, magician
Max Kinsella? The suspense is killing somebody.

Meanwhile, a Las Vegas mob resurgence could have
Temple in search of an undertaker instead of a Justice
of the Peace. Luckily, Louie and the Las Vegas Cat Pack
are planning their finest four-footed scheme to help
bring down the crooks. But no one can help Temple decide
which direction her wayward heart must go.


About the Author

Carole Nelson Douglas 2For a quarter of a century, Carole Nelson Douglas’s Midnight Louie mystery series has explored social issues and pop culture through a cast of four human crime solvers: two women, two men; two pros; two amateurs. Midnight Louie’s intermittent voice and investigations, described as “an irresistible combination of Nathan Detroit and Sam Spade”, both celebrate and satirize Noir detective fiction.

Driven to write popular fiction during college by helpless female protagonists, Carole had an award-winning newspaper journalism career before she finished and sold that college novel. She’s written sixty New York-published novels, including the New York Times Notable Book of the year, Good Night, Mr. Holmes. Carole was the first woman to write a Sherlock Holmes spin-off series and the first to use a female protagonist from the Canon, Irene Adler. She’s also written nationally bestselling high and urban fantasy series. Off the keyboard, she rescues cats, collects vintage anything, and designs book covers for her new indie pub career.

Website // Twitter // Facebook // Goodreads



Follow the clues from the Cat in an Alphabet Soup
foundation novel through a colorful kaleidoscope of
crimes to the forthcoming Cat in an Alphabet Endgame
as the USA Today bestselling cat mystery series
goes from A to Z between the “Alphabet” title bookends.


Congratulations to Carole:

On June 24, 2016, Cat in a Yellow Spotlight won
Best Novel at the 22nd annual Cat Writers’
Association Communication awards in Phoenix.

23 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Cat in an Alphabet Endgame by Carole Nelson Douglas

    • The first title mirrors the last, Cat in an Alphabet Soup. Then comes the alphabet: Cat in an Aqua Storm, Cat on a Blue Monday, Cat in a Crimson Haze. Cat books Diamond Dazzle to Cat in a Kiwi Con will be coming out in eBook from August to December to link up to the current eBook versions from Cat in a Leopard Spot on. So it’s a whole epic story. There’s a lot of reading there! Thanks for your interest.

      Carole and Louie


  1. This is a darling review, and I was the winner in a Giveaway for one of her cozy Cat series. I just ran to search for it, too: Ta DAH, I found ‘buried under a pile of books!’ I need to get busy, I think. This series sounds amazing and she has certainly written many books.


    • Thanks to Buried Under Books and Lelia for the posting! I’m glad it inspired you to dig into your book pile and pull a Louie adventure out. Yes, I’m amazed myself by my 63-book career. I need to get about 30 reverted books out in eBook, and 35 short stories. It’ll take a while.


      • I feel so badly I didn’t read the moment I got it! You are so amazingly prolific. 63 books?! All my work is in progress, none of it finished. I am in awe.


        • Well, it’s been my living for more than 30 years . . . I have to be prolific. To have works, plural, in progress is an achievement. You may need to pick one and work through the middle. That’s the hardest part. Sometimes going far forward and working on the ending will help. In the theater world this is called “the Act Two block”. Most plays have three Acts. The first is set-up and easiest. The middle is hell. You might find some self-help writing books on getting past that block. Keep on! Many people who want to write can’t even get one good start, much less several.


          • What a wonderful reply and thank you ever so much: I have many things infringing on my time; I taught for so many years and evaluated writing and did my own form of editing; I also rate and score high stakes academic essay tests ( standardized) and read and write reviews. That’s the first issue ( time), but my other impediment is all of my works are semi memoirs — I am struggling to fictionalize them for legal and privacy purposes. I realized long ago, the people and happenstances in my life have proven more unusual than most things I have read. Life imitates art ( Shakepeare). thank you so much for your great ideas.


  2. My goodness. This author looks way too young to have put out sixty books. This one is the 28th in the series? Reading them if you hadn’t started early would be a real challenge, and she’s writing them. Very impressive. And the book sounds good.


    • Thank you, Linda! That photo is four years old. My gravitar image is one done to have a 1940s “noir” look. (My husband takes 99 % of my photos.) The gravitar photo is 25 years old, but I love vintage!


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