Help a Kid Learn To Love Books

Don’t have a child? Borrow one! Become a
Big Brother or Big Sister! Take a grandparent
instead of a kid! (Well,why not? They’re
great at turning kids on to books.)

Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day

Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day 2015


4 thoughts on “Help a Kid Learn To Love Books

  1. One of the things my daughter, granddaughter and myself enjoyed was going to”Read It Again” book store. We went all different directions looking for buys in the type of book we loved to read. This book store is gone as well as most of the other independent book stores. It is sad because we really loved getting together for lunch or dinner and hitting the book stores.


  2. How lovely and nostalgic; in my region, all the local libraries would have story hour, and those held in the evening encouraged parents to bring the kids in their jammies; back then Waldenbooks and Daltons were the places to shop, and all were very small in size. The second book store, Paper Back Exchange, was devoted mostly to adults. I have some of my best memories taking my children to the library and then out for pizza; of course, Santa always brought large satchels of books for them. All of this saddens me. Everything NOW is devoted to ebooks, etc. There is nothing lovelier than holding a book in your hands and turning real pages.


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