Young Adult For Reading, Rest, & Relaxation

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Everyone needs some Reading, Rest and Relaxation. Young Adult books provide the perfect getaway from our daily lives of Rush and Repetition.

We find ourselves rushing in the morning to get the kids to school and then hurrying to our jobs. We strive to finish our work before the end of the day so we can get home to cook dinner. We help the kids with homework, feed everybody (including the pets), clean up the kitchen, toss in a load of laundry, put the kids to bed, share the day’s events with our spouse, and then crash in front of the TV.

Is this the R&R of your life? Rushing & Repetition?

Do you need some RR&R; Reading, Rest, and Relaxation?

Here’s why you should be reaching for a young adult book!

Young Adult books are perfect for a mini getaway vacation that you don’t even need to pack for! They are generally smaller than War and Peace, and they fit nicely into your purse, sweater pocket, and lunch bag. And if you’re an E-book reader they are even more convenient. The chapters are shorter and can be read in short intervals allowing for a quick escape while eating lunch at work or waiting for the laundry to dry at home. All of this offers you a mini-vacation within easy reach of your finger tips. But this is not the only reason YA books are perfect for some Reading, Rest, and Relaxation.

Books written for young adults remind you of a gentler more innocent time when you believed in fantasy and romance. The topics are exciting, romantic, action filled, humorous, and enlightening, but the true uniqueness of YA books are that you can once again view the world through the eyes of a teenager and experience the coming-of-age feelings again.

Zombies Y'all!There are many cross-over books like, Harry Potter and the Twilight series, which have captured a diverse readership. This trend indicates that you are not alone with your desire to drift back to a simpler time leaving the Rush and Repetition behind.

With each turn of the page you can enjoy the feelings you’ve forgotten from your youth. Perhaps you thought you were trapped in the old R&R because of the job, family, and TV babble, but when you read young adult books, you come to wonderful realization that you can take a fantastic escape RR&R vacation.

Take a mini-trip into books that are full of delightful events, interesting topics, and faraway distant lands. Don’t get stranded on an island of Rushing and Repetition. Let a young adult book Take You Away!



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