A Day To Be Thankful

Today, I’m thankful that a young woman named Laura was a part of my
life, really my “other” daughter, for years. She has meant a great deal to
my whole family and, in particular, she has been my daughter, Annie’s,
best friend. There are a lot of memories and love between them that
will last an eternity but she’s much too young to go. We’re losing
Laura to a dreaded cancer and all I can do now is send her and her
family my love and my wish that they will all find peace and comfort.

Laura always loved a good laugh so these are for her.

Thanksgiving Kitty 6


Thanksgiving Doggies 2


Thanksgiving Chipmunks


Thanksgiving Turkeys


Thanksgiving Kitty 4


12 thoughts on “A Day To Be Thankful

    • Thank you, Kathy. You’re right, the friendships that last are the ones to be treasured and we certainly do in this case. Laura is a wonderful young woman, loved by many, and I know she’ll be at peace soon.


  1. Oh, Lelia, thank you so very much for opening your heart and sharing this with your readers: I know it’s so very sad, and there are so many young people who have recently passed away and others who are in their final days: tragic. I will say a prayer for her, for your daughter and for you. The pictures are ahhhhmazing.


  2. The big c is so devastating, especially when it affects someone young. You can be thankful for such a fun and fulfilling friendship. That’s a rare thing nowadays.


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