A Day To Be Thankful

Today, I’m thankful that a young woman named Laura was a part of my
life, really my “other” daughter, for years. She has meant a great deal to
my whole family and, in particular, she has been my daughter, Annie’s,
best friend. There are a lot of memories and love between them that
will last an eternity but she’s much too young to go. We’re losing
Laura to a dreaded cancer and all I can do now is send her and her
family my love and my wish that they will all find peace and comfort.

Laura always loved a good laugh so these are for her.

Thanksgiving Kitty 6


Thanksgiving Doggies 2


Thanksgiving Chipmunks


Thanksgiving Turkeys


Thanksgiving Kitty 4


12 thoughts on “A Day To Be Thankful

    • Thank you, Kathy. You’re right, the friendships that last are the ones to be treasured and we certainly do in this case. Laura is a wonderful young woman, loved by many, and I know she’ll be at peace soon.

  1. Oh, Lelia, thank you so very much for opening your heart and sharing this with your readers: I know it’s so very sad, and there are so many young people who have recently passed away and others who are in their final days: tragic. I will say a prayer for her, for your daughter and for you. The pictures are ahhhhmazing.

    • Skye, thank you. This does indeed happen far too often and is especially painful when the person is in the prime of life, as Laura is. I’m grateful for your prayer.

  2. The big c is so devastating, especially when it affects someone young. You can be thankful for such a fun and fulfilling friendship. That’s a rare thing nowadays.

    • You of all people know this very well, Sue, and I’m so grateful for your thoughts. Yes, this is a friendship that means a lot and always will even after she leaves us.

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