A Bicycle Built for One—and a Giveaway!

Edith Maxwell aka Maddie DayAmazon-bestselling and Agatha-nominated author Edith Maxwell writes four mystery series, as well as award-winning short stories.

Maxwell’s Country Store Mysteries, written as Maddie Day (Kensington Publishing), debuts with Flipped for Murder in October, 2015. Farmed and Dangerous is the latest in her Local Foods Mysteries series (Kensington Publishing, 2015). The first in Maxwell’s historical Quaker Midwife Mysteries series, Delivering the Truth, will debut in April, 2016 (Midnight Ink). The most recent Lauren Rousseau mystery, written under the pseudonym Tace Baker (Barking Rain Press), is Bluffing is Murder.

Maxwell lives in an antique house north of Boston with her beau and three cats. She blogs every weekday with the other Wicked Cozy Authors (wickedcozyauthors.com), and you can find her at http://www.edithmaxwell.com, @edithmaxwell, on Pinterest, and at http://www.facebook.com/EdithMaxwellAuthor.

Flipped for MurderMaddie Day here – also known as Edith Maxwell. Robbie Jordan is my chef-carpenter in the new Country Store Mysteries. She’s a Californian transplanted to hilly scenic southern Indiana, and she’s still discovering new and delightful things about her new home, the town of South Lick. She’s worked hard renovating an old country store full of antique cookware into Pans ‘N Pancakes, her breakfast-and-lunch restaurant. Too bad one of her customers dies the day the store reopens – with one of Robbie’s cheesey biscuits in her mouth.

When Robbie needs to clear her head, she heads out on her bicycle. Cycling on the open road is how she gets her exercise, figures out problems, and finds some peace and quiet even as her muscles are pumping.

Brown County, Indiana, where I plopped fictional South Lick, is indeed scenic. After I moved to New England, I realized Brown County looks a lot like areas of New Hampshire or Vermont. That is, hilly! Which makes it a challenging area for a cyclist.

Edith's/Maddie's son JD

Edith’s/Maddie’s son JD

Me, I don’t like riding on hills. I have a bicycle and could ride forever on the flat, but I now live in a fairly hilly town, so my bike mostly gathers dust in the shed. However, I have a son who is a serious cyclist. JD has several times participated in hundred-mile fundraising rides, and after working hard as a farmer all day last year, would take his bike out on the hilly roads around here and ride for a few hours to relax.

So he was my consultant for Robbie Jordan’s bike and cycling habits. She rides a Cannondale like his and also finds a hard fast ride relaxing after standing and cooking breakfast and lunch all day. Too bad she also runs into a murderer on one of her rides.

I’m so delighted that Flipped for Murder releases today, and hope you’ll enjoy it. I’ll give away a copy of the book to one commenter here! What do you do for exercise and clearing the mind? Are you a hills biker or do you prefer a flat ride?


To enter the drawing for a print copy
of Flipped for Murder by Maddie Day,
leave a comment below answering one
or both of these two questions:
1. What do you do for exercise

and clearing the mind?
2. Are you a hills biker or do
you prefer a flat ride?
The winning name will be drawn on
Thursday evening, October 29th.
Open to residents of the US.

Edith's/Maddie's Son JD On The Far Left

Edith’s/Maddie’s Son JD On The Far Left


35 thoughts on “A Bicycle Built for One—and a Giveaway!

  1. For exercie I’m a slow walker enjoying all of nature around me! On my bike I had a real hard time with hills so I’m a casual flat rider — this story sounds like a good read!


  2. Alas, no more bike riding for me. My knees cannot take it. Walking is the exercise I get and I need to get more of it. When I did cycle, it was flat areas for me. Too many instances as a kid where down hills ended in skinned knees and elbows. One such trip included bread and milk all over the road as I was returning from the store.

    The new series sounds delightful and I love the new pen name!


  3. I never learned how to ride a bike. I like to take walks. I’m a full time babysitter for my grandson who is three so my d-i-l can work. I get plenty of exercise! lol


  4. I go for a nice long walk when I want to clear my mind. I prefer nice flat biking, but I live in the Wasatch Front so that’s pretty much a pipe dream. My bike got stolen a while back and I haven’t gotten around to replacing it. Maybe a nice stationary bike?


  5. Thanks for the opportunity to win. I walk the dogs twice a day and take a Zumba class once a week. I like to bike, but these days it needs to be on flat bike paths far from traffic. BTW, I love Brown County. We used to camp there in the Fall. stclairck@gmail.com


  6. Walking and biking! I live near a miles long bike trail that is fairly flat and I enjoy hopping on (after pumping tires) and flying along.


  7. Simply lovely; I adore New England, have never been to Indiana, but I also love biking ( and hiking). Thanks so much for posting this; another new collection that is piquing my interest.


  8. Walking is my solace. I have time to think and create solutions to dilemmas. I am looking forward to this new character!


  9. Sounds like a broken record, but I walk in the woods with dogs. As for biking, flat much preferred! I’m looking forward to this new series!


  10. I love working in my yard. Weeding the gardens, trimming the bushes, etc., etc. is great for clearing your mind of anything that is bothering you. When I do take a bike ride it is on flat to almost flat bike paths. The knees won’t take the other. robeader53@yahoo.com


  11. Back when I biked I enjoyed flat rather than hilly. Usually I walk but recently joined a gym where I have been riding the recumbent bike. A few years ago my nephew, his wife and then 11yr old biked from Boston to Seattle. They biked many miles of really steep terrain west of the Dakotas.


  12. My knees prefer not to bike (and Mom forbade motorcycles for very good reasons, so I promised never to ride them). I walk and do tai chi and aqua-aerobics at the Y, anything is good if it keeps one moving. Barb, I’m surprised by your hot water aerobics; our hot tub has a sign forbidding exercise in the hot water, fear of overheating or something, though the therapists sometimes do gentle stretching with their clients.


  13. For exercise I do yoga and I walk. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was a child but I think I would like to start again. This book sounds great, thank you for the chance


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