Book Review: Manhattan in Miniature by Margaret Grace

Manhattan in MiniatureManhattan in Miniature
A Miniature Mystery #8
Margaret Grace
Perseverance Press, April 2015
ISBN 978-1-56474-562-0
Trade Paperback

Manhattan in Miniature is the 8th Miniature Mystery book by written by Margaret Grace, the pen name Camille Minichino uses for the series.

I’ve always thought I might be interested in miniature crafts – building dollhouses, furniture and decorations so I hoped to explore the idea further with this book, and possibly move on to reading the rest of the series. The author even includes Miniature Tips at the back of the book, sort of a mini how-to-do-it for some of the items that are mentioned in the book. It was fun learning about the craft, although by the end of the book I’d learned enough to decide that it may not be for me.

Still, I found the book charming. Gerry Porter takes her granddaughter, Maddie, along with her when she is drafted to assist her friend, Bebe at a NYC craft show. It’s also an opportunity for Gerry to visit with Cynthia, an old friend from college. With that , we have the set up for not one but two mysteries for Gerry and Maddie to solve. One involves some theft from the crafts fair. The other is Cynthia’s concern that her elderly Aunt Elsie, who died recently from a heart attack, was actually murdered.

Even with all this set up, there just wasn’t enough going on to hold my interest throughout the book. Especially given the author’s tendency to account for every moment, even when there isn’t much of interest going on.

The story is told from Gerry’s point of view. She is a woman who does not tell others what she feels and thinks. Not her granddaughter or family – not her friends, not even her fiancé. There is a running inner dialogue about what she really thinks but only the reader is privy to that. I think Gerry needs to learn to speak up a little.

Still, the story has charm and is a fun light hearted read. If you like other books in the series, I think you will like this one also.

Reviewed by Constance Reader, September 2015.


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