Spotlight on Just Another Termination by Linda Thorne

Just Another Termination


Title: Just Another Termination
Series: Judy Kenagy Mysteries Book 1
Author: Linda Thorne
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Publication Date: August 29, 2015
Genre: Mystery



Just Another Termination tells the story of Judy Kenagy,
the first human resources manager to turn sleuth or, at
least, the first to admit it. The story begins on the Mississippi
Gulf Coast pre-Katrina when Judy finds a young female
employee, a no-call-no-show, shot to death.

Small town police chief Carl Bombardier takes charge of the
investigation, soliciting Judy’s help in her role as HR manager
for the victim’s employer. Then another murder occurs and
there’s a connection. Both are linked to a double homicide
twenty-five years earlier. Knee-deep in the investigation, Judy
finds information that draws her back into the life of one evil,
prior employer. Then she stumbles upon a piece of evidence.
Can she solve all of the murders with this single find?

Or . . . are things not as they seem?


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An Excerpt from Just Another Termination

I knew I had no business here, but was it going to cost me more than I’d thought?

Closer in, I could see the yellow tape was broken or missing in places, but still cordoned off a circular area of dirt and mud, about twelve feet in diameter. The tape had been stapled to stakes pounded into the ground, but many of them had fallen over. This crime scene had already been worked. Two dirty latex gloves and a staple gun had been left outside the perimeter, and multiple footprints marred the mud. The absence of a patrol officer protecting the scene implied the clean-up crew was on their way.

Inside the partially taped-off area, someone had outlined where Jimmie Lee’s body had been. Instead of the typical chalk line, plastic pegs were pressed into the mud about six inches apart, marking where the body had fallen.

I stepped high over the tape and into the mud, grateful I’d worn jeans and flat shoes for that dress-down Friday. Trees towered behind me, the interminable water before me. I caught a whiff of mildew.

I was no sooner inside than a rustling sound came from the tangle of maples and I twisted around. The noise disappeared and I turned back, catching a glitter in the mud. It came from the waterline where the soft waves of the Mississippi Sound licked against the cryptic outline of the corpse. That noise again.

I spun around to the whooshing sounds in the maples, my heart palpitating, but I still didn’t see anything. When I turned back, the glitter had disappeared. I stooped. I was in a race with the sun, not to mention wanting to be long gone before the clean-up crew appeared. With one hand, I frantically ran my fingers through the muck. Then a final spray of sunlight illuminated the spot and the sparkle reappeared. This time, I kept my eyes fixed on it, bending, reaching, touching. Gently, I lifted a metal object, close to an inch long and about half that in width. Heavy for its size. Twilight had deepened into dusk. I stood up and whirled round to the same rustling noise, but this time a crackling blast followed. A gun?


About the Author

Linda ThorneLinda Thorne began pursuing her true passion, writing, in 2005. Since then, she has published numerous short stories in the genres of mystery, thriller, and romance. Like her lead character, Thorne is a career human resources manager who has worked in the HR profession in Arizona, Colorado, Mississippi, California, and now, Tennessee. Her HR positions have ranged in title from vice-president (a small savings and loan), director, manager, specialist to generalist. She is working on a sequel to her debut novel, A Promotion to Die For, where her main character earns a promotion and encounters an unsolved murder all while Hurricane Katrina is bearing down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She currently lives in Hermitage, Tennessee, a suburb of Nashville, with her husband, Dave, and two border collies (fur people), Abby and Mo.

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