Book Review: A Cry from the Dust by Carrie Stuart Parks

A Cry from the DustA Cry from the Dust
A Gwen Marcey Novel
Carrie Stuart Parks
Thomas Nelson, August 2014
ISBN 978-1-4016-9043-4
Trade Paperback

You can read a story blurb about A Cry From the Dust anywhere, so I’m going to talk about other aspects of the book.

  • The writing is clear and sharp, with good flow.
  • The subject matter is extraordinary. Domestic terrorism; the Mormon Church; plural marriage.
  • Gwen Marcy, the point of view character, has a history too many of us can relate to; cancer (Gwen is bald), a messy divorce, single motherhood. All this, plus she’s kidnapped, branded a terrorist and murderer, and tasked with stopping a major terrorist attack. Whew!
  • I loved that, just like the author, Carrie Stuart Parks, Gwen is a forensic artist, so the story drips with authenticity. Be prepared to learn something along with being royally entertained.
  • The villains could be real people, with aspirations and desires outside the mainstream, but certainly imaginable. They could be going about their everyday business and we’d never know.
  • Beth, Gwen’s sidekick, is almost as interesting as Gwen herself.
  • Gwen has the constant worry of a teen heartbroken by her parents’ divorce, and we’re shown the girl’s emotions and exactly how she acts out.
  • The depth of the novel is astounding.
  • Best part, there are at least two more Gwen Marcy books in the pipeline.
  • There’s a dog.

Reviewed by Carol Crigger, March 2015.
Author of Three Seconds to Thunder.

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