Writer’s Block

Rebecca JaycoxRebecca Jaycox grew up in the tiny town of Berryman, which borders the Mark Twain National Forest and the Courtois River about 70 miles south of St. Louis. The beautiful landscape fed her imagination, and she began writing stories at age 10 and never stopped. Always seeking adventure, Rebecca moved to France after she graduated college with a journalism degree to teach English at a French high school. Bitten by the travel bug, she has recently visited Italy, Greece, Austria, Spain, and finally made it to her bucket-list destination of Istanbul last summer. Rebecca now lives in New York City with her husband, Gregory. She is the curator and program director of the YA Lit Series at the 92nd Street Y—one of New York’s premier cultural centers. She enjoys reading and writing fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction. The Other Inheritance is her first novel. 

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When I wrote The Other Inheritance, I had all the time in the world. Not literally, of course, but I didn’t feel any pressure to produce other than the pressure I put on myself. Then a miraculous thing happened. Rocking Horse Publishing picked up The Other Inheritance, and I was officially a published author in November 2014. It was the best feeling in the world to have an almost eight year journey pay off. That’s right; almost eight years!

As wonderful as it felt to be vindicated as a writer, The Other Inheritance does require a sequel. Like right now, which brings me to my little dilemma. I am currently in that horrible, terrible state of mind known as Writer’s Block. If you’re a writer, you know how utterly paralyzing Writer’s Block can be. You suffer from extreme guilt, bouts of depression, and general feelings of worthlessness. It’s like you are in an abusive relationship with your unfinished manuscript.

The Other InheritanceFor a little while, I thought I had found the solution. It had become impossible for me to write at my computer. I absolutely could not do it. Then I discovered if I just put pen to paper, I could write again. I finished three chapters. Eureka, I was cured! Only I wasn’t. I’m back in the same boat I was before, and I feel like I’m on a dingy in the middle of the ocean and land is no where in site.

I turned to the original Star Wars trilogy to break my slump. I just finished Jedi yesterday and still no spark. So I guess the Force has failed me. Now it’s time to buckle down and get real. I have to ignore the guilt and the paralyzing fear and just write. That’s a monumental task but now I actually have people depending on me. People who read The Other Inheritance and loved it. Just like Luke, I need to believe the impossible.

8 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Sorry to hear about your writer’s block. You are definitely not alone. Now that I’m faced with writing a second book (although I’m still waiting to be published and for that wonderful feeling of vindication), my mind is blank. It’s left me wondering how I ever managed to write and polish the first one. After years of working on this one book, I feel utterly drained and wondering if can ever do it again. Now I understand why some bestselling authors go years between books. Good luck, and I hope inspiration strikes you again soon.


  2. I’m just coming out with my first book and so far, knock-on-word, writer’s block has not been a big problem. Who knows what will happen after my first novel though. Right now I blame any lack of writing on my day job wearing me out. I take much of it home in my head and wish I could get in the frame of mind to write. So far, that is only on the weekends or vacation days from work.


  3. Ahhhh, ‘writer’s block…’ yes, we all have them and sometimes for longer spells. I am so glad you managed to find a way to continue writing. In fact, I more than understand the pen/paper syndrome. Sometimes, it’s the only way I can write. Have your ever read Stephen King’s Bag of Bones? It’s about writer’s block.


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